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how do i love thee T? let me count the ways.

I got tagged by Ceejae. Thanks to you, now I have something to blog about! Hoorah :)


  1. Ten Things I Hate About You. Who doesn't love 10 Things I Hate About You? I saw it again today, and I swear I was practically holding my breath in the mushy-kilig scenes. I even surprised myself by reciting along with the characters' lines because I still remembered them. It's one of the very few movies that you can really, really remember even if you've only seen it once or twice in your life. I wish I had a Patrick Verona in my life to woo me.. and read a poem to! Haha. Man, I miss Heath Ledger.

  2. "You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you."
    (Photo courtesy of All Movie Photo)

  3. Twilight. I can't get enough of reading Twilight news and updates! Anything related to it gets me really giddy these days. I want Breaking Dawn (the fourth book) already! I need my dose of Edward and Bella.

  4. Tree Hill. Thanks to my very, very good friend Nica, now I can watch new episodes of OTH! Finally! Even if Season 5 kinda sucks for Naley.. I'm still going to watch it! Oh the wonders of the Internet. What would I ever do without you?

  5. Plain White T's. (Okay, so it doesn't really start with a T) I was playing Shuffle again with my iPod and suddenly, it was "Hey There Delilah." I love that song. It always reminds me someone and something. And I like that it somehow complements another song I really like, Samson, for very obvious reasons. (Samson, Delilah, anyone? :P) Their other songs are pretty rad too. They are one of the few bands I don't ever get tired of.

  6. Tasty bread. Is that how you spell it? Basta, the square shaped bread from the loaf. Haha. It's my ultimate comfort food! Add in condensed milk.. ayy, hebeeen. :)

  7. Thailand. We're leaving on May 15! I think I'm going to start my countdown. I miss Bangkok already. I haven't been spending money on clothes or shoes because I'm saving it all for our trip. Suan Lum Night Market, Platinum Plaza, Chatuchak, Big C, Pratunam.. I'm coming soon!

  8. Touch My Body. I've got a really bad case of LSS over this song. I always hear it on the radio, and see it on MTV. It's a cute song, but when you hear it for more than five times a day it just gets tiring. And what line keeps repeating inside my head?
  9. And if you run your mouth and brag about this secret rendezvous, I will hunt you down.

  10. Totally Spies. I miss being in grade school and wanting to be a secret agent. It was so cool back then! Now I'm 16 and I know better.. but I still enjoy watching the show. Its airtime on Disney Channel always saves me from boredom. It almost makes me want to say, "Thanks, Jer!" LOL :)

  11. Telephone. For the past few weeks, I've been disconnected with my phone. I barely touch it, and I don't even send GMs anymore! I just suddenly got lazy and I didn't really want to SMS people unless I have something to say to them. I only text my really, really close friends and reply only to important messages, but other than that, I'm bored with it. Haha, does this mean I'm old and boring already? :P

  12. Tattoo. Last night I stayed up until midnight because of Miami Ink and LA Ink. The dangerous and wild side of me wants to get a tattoo either on my lower back or left shoulder. I don't know, it looks sexy for me. I just don't have the guts to have myself permanently marked like that. But I admire the people in the show who get their selves inked for life, especially when it signifies a significant event in their life that they want to remember forever. And I really find the tattoo artists so awesome! They lead such interesting lives. They're sooo talented too. The customers just describe something, and whoosh, they suddenly come up with sketches that are exactly what the customers want! One day, I might get a tattoo.. henna lang. Haha :))

And now I will tag: Ayiene, Cars, Mary, Ate Patty, Elise, and whoever wants to answer it :)

I'm off to sleep guys. I'm leaving tomorrow for Batangas. I'll be back on Thursday or Friday, I think. I still have to pack my things pa pala. Haha. Later y'all.

* New layout, by the way :) Tell me what you think about it, mmkay?


megan's a fox.

I could not be anymore happier when I found out that Megan Fox is this year's Sexiest Woman In The World for FHM. I mean, who would ever argue? HOTNESS, babeeh. :)

I so totally have a huge super duper mega girl crush on her. The first time I saw her on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, I already liked her even if she was the bad girl. And her character's name in the movie was Karla Santini, if I'm not mistaken, so that kinda makes me feel that we're connected in some way. Haha. I fell in love with her even more in Transformers! Probably one of the coolest movies ever, and she was there! Who would ever forget the "Baby, come back!" scene? She was such a babe, but she kicked ass. I wanna be like that. HAHA :)) Someday, you will be as hot as her Karla, someday!

I have got to tell Jeremy about this right away. He's my crush-mate when it comes to Megan Fox. Hahaha. And yes, we both agree that she is waaay hotter than Lindsay Lohan!

Dear Santa,
please make me as hot as Megan Fox
before Christmas. :P

Last night, I watched Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley, and I must say I am very impressed. I rarely find myself appreciating book-to-movie adaptations because more often than not, they do not give the novels any justice. But this one is an exception. I almost felt the exact same emotions I felt as I turned the pages of the book when i read it. The exact dialogs were used in the movie, and the scenes were not just the precise images of what I envisioned in my head -- they were even better, actually. And of course, the actors.. they truly delivered. The last scenes gave me chills! :) I am very delighted. It just made me fall in love with the book even more! I still believe in reading the novel before watching its movie counterpart, but the movie is definitely worth watching.

And since I am in my Classics phase, I have no intentions of stopping just yet! I'm in the middle of Sense and Sensibility. Coming up: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Emma. It takes a while to get used to the seemingly "deep" language, but once you get the hang of it, it's hard to stop. I'm actually finding the more grown-up novels very interesting. I still check out the Young Adult section of course, but lately I feel like I'm old enough to handle the more mature works of fiction. Besides, I am pretty sure that all this reading will pay off in my course anyway!

All my friends are currently having a blast this summer. Nica just left yesterday for Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Trixie is in Korea. Inna will leave for Hong Kong. Mikka is taking taekwondo classes. Cars just had an uber fun birthday party (Saw 2 na tayo! Haha). And me.. well, I'm going to Bangkok again this May. I guess you can say we're all really enjoying our last summer because after this, it's college baby! And who knows what will happen? I'm crossing my fingers!

May na next week! My, how time flies. :)


we've only just begun..

I know every other UP-D Freshman out there has been rattling and panicking over the pre-enlistment for the past couple of days. The sudden crashing of the server, the fear of choosing difficult subjects, the apprehension over the schedules and order of subjects.. all these are more than enough to cause a newcomer to go berserk.

Yesterday, I finally got myself pre-enlisted. At first I was quite annoyed because of the thought that WE had to choose our subjects. We had blocks but we only had the core subjects enlisted, unlike the other universities where the school already arranges everything for the freshmen. However, I also realized what a great advantage that was. I was able to weed out the subjects I didn't like and wasn't really good at (aka CHEMISTRY) and at least be able to focus on the subjects I do enjoy. It also gave me and Inna, my future roommate, to have a class together which is PE. And at least I can work the subjects around and organize our subjects according to how convenient they are for us. I guess this is one of our perks. And now I'm completely satisfied with my schedule. Though of course there are still some classes I'd rather take, or I'd want to go home earlier, I have to make sacrifices. Compromise -- as Edward Cullen puts it.

So, I guess this is our first taste of the UP lifestyle -- the stress, the anxiety, and the excitement! They say nothing can ever compare to your first college experiences, especially when everything seems so awkward and unfamiliar. But I'm pretty sure I can survive my first year. I'm crossing my fingers! :) I caaaan't wait for June 10! Now I just have to know the route of the UP Ikot and Toki. Hehe.

I'm in B-11, by the way. Hello, future block mates, if you're out there! Haha. :)

And before I forget..
Happy Birthday to my three very good friends,
Mikka, Trixie, and Cars!

Burger! Burger! Hahaha :) See you soon, guys!

P.S. Ang saya talaga ng PE namin ni Inna :D


the psychology of a haircut?

According to the book Rapunzel's Daughters: What Women's Hair Tells Us About Women's Lives by Rose Weitz:
Hair is one of the first things other people notice about us -- and is one of the primary ways we declare our identity to others. In both our personal relationships and our relationships with the larger world, hair sends an immediate signal that conveys messages about our gender, age, social class, and more.
It isn't really surprising that hair matters to a lot people, especially to us girls. It is after all our crowning glory, and especially in our generation's ever-evolving conceit, we cannot be blamed for valuing the part of ourselves that defines our personality more than any other body part. We show it off, we flaunt it, we consider it as part of our signature look -- that's how significant it is for some of us.

Some say getting a new haircut is like turning over a new leaf -- it's a sign that you desperately want to change your life for the better. More often than not, a drastic haircut comes after a bad break-up, or a sudden loss, or anything major happening in your life because of an unexpected turn of events. Or it could also be because a certain celebrity suddenly made it famous. Take the "Rihanna" look for example, which I am certain we are all aware of. I know of a lot of people who have cut their luscious, long locks to the now popular bob because the then-morbid cut is now considered cool, and you can walk around the city sporting the chin-length bob without having to be called "monay". Whatever reason it is, it just usually is associated with change.

Honestly, I'm not really a fan of change -- just as much as I dislike the overused "Change is constant," quote. I know that it is inevitable, and it is also healthy. But we frequently seem to have this notion that change is imposed on us, like life is the one altering the course of things in our daily routines. I think it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes it is up to us, if we want to transform ourselves into better persons, better individuals. When life gets boring, we have the option to go against the current and do something. We can say goodbye to our otherwise monotonous life if we choose to.

I just did. Okay, so nothing significant really took place.. but I do have my reasons! (aside from vanity purposes, harhar) I'm about to start a new life (i.e. college! O_o) so why not start with a new look? And besides, it's so freakin' hot! So yesterday, I said goodbye to my waist-length hair and hello to.. uhm, well, I don't know what this cut is called, but I'm pretty glad with it. :)

Ayun eh! HAHA :)

P.S. Hindi ako magpapa-cheeseburger but I did promise Ayiene I'll treat her fishballs and isaw sa UP. At yung buko juice ko ha? I won't forget. Haha. :P


outbursts in the sun burst.

Amidst the rage of the intense summer heat, is the fervent desire of one rather over-observant girl to rant about things that have been circling around her brain for a while. She wishes to write a proper post for each thought, however because of the randomness of these (due to laziness, apparently) she has settled on putting up just fragments of the brain waves just so she can satisfy the need to express.

(In other words, she just really needs to rant.)

In random order:

  • She spent her weekend at Camp Journey, the foundation dedicated to serving special children with her Tita and cousins. Her aunt was one of the founding members and had invited her to join the ten-day camp even for just the course of two days. Upon arriving at the venue in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, she was quite overwhelmed by the loving nature of the mentally challenged kids often stereotyped as wild and unruly. She was welcomed with open arms especially in her group, Red Pulvorons, and the children she briefly took under her wing: Em-em, Daday, Sarah, Totoy, Richard, Mark, Joshua and AR. With the help of fellow volunteers, she was able to share a part of herself to these children even if she has never seen them before. Despite only knowing them for a few hours she felt a connection with them, and though she doubts they will remember her, she will however remember them. She went there for a cause: to help change their lives. But apparently, it was her life that was changed forever. She learned that beneath the makukulit and pasaway exteriors of these kids are hearts that long for love, care, and compassion.
  • She has been enjoying the time she spends each day to the classics. She is still in the middle of Pride and Prejudice (she admits she is having a hard time taking all the non-vernacular English in) and fesses up that she finds Mr. Darcy's indifference quite charming. Sometimes she puts herself in Elizabeth's shoes and wonders what it would be like to live in those innocent times, where everything from proposals to actual marriages were as simple as changing the TV channels. However, she wouldn't want to be put in the situation where she has to wed for financial purposes, which was quite a fad back then.
  • Since her secret dream of becoming a writer apparently is on its way of being fulfilled and becoming real, she felt like a new secret dream should take its place. She believes that each of us is entitled to have that one secret fantasy that has a very, very slim chance of coming true. If it does come true (like hers did), that'll be fantastic because aside from the fact that it makes one extremely blissed out, it also makes way for another insane dream. So her new secret fantasy is to be involved in the Fashion industry. She loves watching Next Top Model and Project Runway! And yes, sometime she dreams of being on having a spread on Seventeen magazine, or having her designs featured on NY Fashion Week -- that would require drop dead gorgeous looks and talent though, which she completely lacks! She thinks this secret dream will remain a fantasy for good :))
  • She thinks Robi of PBB is just simply adorable. And what made him gaga over her even more (aside from his obviously dashing looks, intelligence, and Ateneo lineage) is that he's going to study in UP Diliman next year.. DAW. That's according to one of her reliable sources. She and her future roommate Inna have plans of searching for him on campus and having a picture taken with him, and hopefully marrying him. Hahaha, LOL!
  • While reading magazines this morning, she heard a rather familiar sound that she hasn't heard for quite some time already. Her heart leaped for joy as she rushed to her bedroom window and was delightfully surprised with what she saw -- rain! She is secretly delighted with the current weather here in Manila. With the arrival of the Tropical Depression Ambo, that just spells out more clouds and rain.. which means no more sweltering temperature! Since she considers herself the Scrooge of Summer Heat, this is really great news for her. She hopes to be able to use her umbrella ella ella eh for its real purpose: to shield her from the rain, and not from the intense UV rays of the sun. :P
  • She watched videos of past UAAP Cheerdance Competitions of the different universities.. and was reminded of how soon the next season is! She can't wait to finally be one in the crowd cheering loudly. And now that she has a school to cheer for, the reality of her UAAP fanaticism being "official" (since she would be in college already) has dawned on her which made her enthusiasm level on a high! Soon she'll be one with the UP crowd shouting, "U-nibersidad! Ng Pilipinas!" :D
  • She is quite thrilled by the hype that the Twilight series has been getting, and is amused by how the critics are comparing it to Harry Potter. Though she believes that they are completely different and that Harry Potter will never be replaced, she also feels excited and very much relieved to find that the rest of the world is with her in the current addiction. :)

And now that that's all out of her head, she's glad she can finally lull herself to sleep now. It just gets so tiring to be thinking of so many things at the same time, she's absolutely thankful for this blog for keeping her sane. :)


meet daniel.

Everyone, meet Daniel Naht Anh. He's my newest baby cousin. He is the son of my uncle and his Vietnamese wife. I received this email with pictures of him yesterday. He's so adorably cute! He looks like a little cute siopao. Haha. I wish I can kiss and cuddle him right now. Unfortunately, he's in Vietnam and I don't know when I'll get to see him. But hopefully they come home soon because he's the first grandson of his lola. And when he comes home he can be sure of a certain Ate that will spoil him to death :) EHEM.

Yesterday, I went to school and claimed my Form 137 from the Registrar. The first thing that came to my mind was a big sigh of relief that finally I completed the requirements from our school. It was placed in a long white envelope and contained that school seal. I opened it and looked at my grades from first year to fourth year. Surprisingly, I was still a little shocked. In my hands were the four years of high school basically, the grades that served as the "essence" of our student lives. I'd like to think that there's more to life than grades, but I still can't help but feel very much relieved that despite those times I wanted to just give up on my "good girl" image, I managed. I'm sure that everyone has experienced tremendous pressure from our teachers, and I'm not exempted. There came a time when I just didn't want to be the smart girl anymore because I was so stressed out with all the school work, I felt like a hand was pushing my head in the water and I couldn't breathe. But (as Bella Swan put it), I resurfaced. I still worked hard and I was so determined to prove them wrong that even I surprised myself. I turned out to be better than what I thought I was capable of. I'm glad I did. And as I look back on my Form 137, I felt like my old self is giving me a pat on the back and telling me I need not be afraid of what's to come. If I did it in high school, who says I can't do the same in college? :)

American Idol doesn't seem interesting anymore without Ramiele. Of course, my dear jason Castro is still there but subconsciously I know I'm watching because of her. And now she won't be there anymore. Kinda like the way I felt when Danny got booted out. :( But I'm still watching anyway. Last night, I fell in love with Jason even more because of his sweet and beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Did you know that that was the version of the song played in the last scene of one of my favorite movies, 50 First Dates? (What a long sentence! Haha) And when he stares at the screen.. oh those gorgeous eyes just make my heart melt ♥

I finished reading Eclipse this weekend. I really, really tried to read slowly and at least finish in two weeks. But I couldn't do it.. especially with how the events unfold as I turned the pages! I was in a state of shock after reading the last page. A part of me can't get over it because it was just so.. good. I can't think of any other word to describe it. I didn't want to leave the vampire and werewolf world just yet. You see, it's impossible to not get caught up in such a different world when you're reading. It's like an automatic switch is turned on, and suddenly my imagination transports you to another realm. Now I can't wait for Breaking Dawn. August, please come quickly! :)

And now, I'm moving to the classics. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. My grandmother told me it's about time I give myself a dose of the classical novels they considered their "chick lit" back then. She said I'm surely going to need it for my course anyway. I think for the next week or so I'll be drowning myself in a totally different era -- of corsets and big ball gowns.

Sense and Sensibility, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre: HERE I COME :)


this got me laughing :))

You have to check this out. This is hilarious! :)) You should definitely try it.

Take that! Apparently I look like Song Hye-Kyo and Zhang Ziyi. I've tried using my other photos and either one of them always shows up on my Celebrity Look Alike. I was laughing my head off yesterday, and up until now as I watch the morphing process. It's creepy in a funny kind of way. But it's not so bad, I mean they are considered two of the most beautiful Asians out there, right? Hmm. Does this mean supah-stardom isn't too far away? Then again the whole purpose of this website is to find your celebrity twin so.. down, girl. NYAHAHA :)

I was playing Shuffle with my radio this morning just to kill boredom. To those unfamiliar to this little game of mine, it's basically just getting your mp3 player set in shuffle mode. In the absence of an mp3 player (poor little iPod, I keep on forgetting to charge it), I used my FM radio. Then, ask a random question and the song or line that plays after you press the button would be your answer. Pretty easy. So just out of nowhere, I asked the question, "What is life?" And alas, it's Butch Walker with Mixtape. I sang along immediately with my roller brush as my mic. Halfway through the song though, I asked myself, "Life is a Mixtape!?" suddenly remembering my question. It got me thinking for a few moments. I suddenly recalled back in Grade 6. I know our generation probably didn't get that much experience with the cassette, but we did have our version of the mix tape -- the mix CD, of course. So CD burning was just beginning to become a fad, and since I belonged to the senti and dramatic class, we all wanted one! I was one of the people in class immediately listed down the songs I wanted on a one-fourth sheet of paper, gave it to my classmate who goes to a "pa-burn-an ng CD" (HAHA, that's what they called it!) and paid her Php 50, I think. After a week, I eagerly received my very own personalized mix only to be met by my classmate's words, "Wala yung ibang kanta na gusto mo kaya pinalitan na lang." I was very disappointed. I carefully selected those songs. But it was there already. Unfortunately, the forward/rewind buttons of my Discman back then were busted so I had no choice but to listen to all of it. I didn't like some of the songs, especially the rap and the metal rock ones (because I only listened to cheesy songs then, HAHA). However there was nothing I could possibly do because I was stuck with that crappy Discman. I don't know why I just didn't transfer to our other CD players, but I spent the rest of the evening listening to every track. There were so-so songs, unknown songs, but of course the few from the original list I made that were there truly made me happy. And isn't life like that? There are moments we really would rather just skip but we can't because there really are no fast forward buttons to click. Or rewind buttons to send us back to much happier times. Or pause buttons for the times we wish the world would stop when we do. But it doesn't. Life will keep on playing and playing and playing until it comes to its end. Only then can we truly say that we enjoyed the whole thing.

So I guess the bad songs (and the bad songwriters) will always find their way into our lives, but I hope we don't forget that there are good songs too, enough to keep us elated for the next tracks or so.

Hope you like the layout as much as I do. :)

Guess who? ♥


quickie post.

I just hate PLDT right now. Imagine taking away from me the only thing that really keeps me sane: The Internet. For almost a week already I've been dying out of complete boredom, getting so jealous of friends who have uploaded new pics or have just blogged, and just watching some lame ass shows on cable. The funny thing is I have all the DVDs and CDs of movies and shows to watch at home but I just can't bring myself to watch them yet. I really have no idea why. And because of that I've spent my days reading (and finishing) books. As of today I've finished three books since Sunday, and still currently reading Eclipse. Waah! I'm such a geek. Haha.

I was so happy last Sunday because I finally got myself a copy of Eclipse! I called all the Fully Booked, Power Books and National Book Stores in Metro Manila and only to be saddened by a "Sold out na po," from the branch manager. Even the Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street disappointed me! But thank heavens for Fully Booked at Rockwell. I think it just might be the last copy in the Metro? Hmm. :) I'm trying, really trying, to read it as slowly as I can because I don't want to finish it right away just yet. So I temporarily placed it in my bookshelf first and only vow to read it before I go to sleep. Haha. Of course, that only makes me miss Edward even more! :)

Yesterday was the Distribution of Cards. For the (outgoing) Seniors it also meant the receiving of our yearbook photos, souvenir CDs and DVDs from our Grad Ball and other main events. Everything was placed inside a brown envelope with your name written on it. I can't help but feel nostalgic all over again as I look at it. It's my last "souvenir" from SPCP, and it contains some of the best memories of my Senior year. I looked at my official yearbook photo, the one that looks like I had a nose job, and I can't help but laugh. I will forever be immortalized in this photograph. This is how the generations of Paulinians after me will remember me years from now -- with a nose job. Thank you very much, Photoshop. I also can't help but smile at my grades because they all turned out pretty good despite the hemorrhages our Periodic Exams gave. It was the highest average I've had in quite some time.. so I was extremely happy. All my motivation strategies worked! I successfully stirred myself to exert my best efforts especially in academics. My Senior mantra "Last year mo na to, Karla!" brought forth a positive effect! Haha. I hope I can continue challenging myself like this for the next years of my school life. GEEK MODE, activated! :))

Today is American Idol day! Yeheyy! I have a confession to make.. I think I'm falling hard for Jason Castro! Ayayay! I know the Archuletans out there will call me a traitor.. haha. But seriously, ever since their entry on the Top 12, Jason just becomes cuter and cuter every week.. especially the time he sang Michelle by the Beatles! I so love him already. :) Haha. I'm falling for the Dreadhead!

Dreadhead! ♥

I'm here blogging at my mom's office because my tita will fetch me. We'll be going to UP later to submit my Medical and Dental certificates. For the past few weeks me and my friends have been busy accomplishing our colllege-related tasks. All this school talk is making everyone in my barkada excited. My future La Sallite friends went their yesterday and reserved their slots, and checked out their future condos (sosyal talaga haha!), the future Thomasians have been learning how to commute to their school, the future Mapuans are getting ready for their future no summer break life (by making gala and outings!) and the UP peeps.. wala lang. Haha :)) Sa May pa kasi yung enrollment and everything else.

OMG I think I have to go already. Shoot, bitin ang Internet time ko oh. Anyway I'd really like to apologize, hindi pa ako nakakapag-bloghop masyado. But rest assured the moment our Internet gets fixed I'll be dropping by your blogs right away. I miss the Internet world so much! Haha. :)) Sorry for the sabog post.

Adios mi amigos! :D

[EDIT] Wooooow, God is soo good to me today! Aside from my successful submission in the Medical-Dental Certificates in UP, and my relaxing trip to Trinoma, I arrived home and found out we already have Internet! Yeheyy! :) I love this day! Okay, off to my bloghopping duties! [/EDIT]