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sheer fantasies.

There are three guys whirling inside my mind right now: Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and Justine Timberlake. Three devilishly hot men, with swoon-worthy vocals, undeniably charming looks, and words that make and break your heart all at the same time. While doing my Filipino paper, they showed Maroon 5's "Won't Go Home Without You" for the nth time tonight, and for a moment I felt like Adam was looking at me and pleading me to come back to him. I wanted to be the girl in the video and desperately look back at him and tell him I'm willing go home with him. Seriously! Then the other night, the JT and Beyonce song "Til The End Of Time" was requested thrice in one night and gave me a bad case of LSS that I immediately grabbed my brush and started singing along in front of the mirror. How I wished I was Beyonce. Because if I had JT's love, then that would be enough til the end of time! =) And as all other nights, Brandon Boyd always always always meets me in outer space and makes me want to stay there in another realm with him. The effect of his voice -- ooh, brings chills to my spine!

But after being induced in some kind of vocalist euphoria, I suddenly realized how opposite my reactions are to what we're discussing in Music IV. You see, there are three types of listening: 1) Sensuous, which appeals to the senses and makes you want to sing or dance. 2) Expressive, which talks about the emotional level and brings out all your feelings, and lastly 3) Sheerly musical, which refers to the musical elements in a song. Obviously, i'm such a good sensuous and expressive listener -- aren't we all? But our teacher says we HAVE to be sheerly musical, because a song is more than just the lyrics. Music per se, includes the tempo, dynamics, rhythm, and all that. And she also mentioned that to be an effective listener, you must not fantasize nor imagine about anything but rather just focus on the music itself.

But how can you be a sheerly musical listener when three people like them come to mind? Surely, I need to practice more on the third type, but right now who cares. I think they should create another type: Sheerly whimsical is more like it. =)


There is still that one guy who my heart keeps on beating for: NATHAN SCOTT. And you thought I forgot about him haven't you? How could I -- he's the love of my life! And he's coming back, along with the whole gang! On January 8th, One Tree Hill shall return on its fifth season, and it's four years later! What makes it even more exciting are the sneak peeks here -- you should see it! Now I'm even more excited for the new year! Come quick 2008, I can't wait!

LOL, all my sentences in that paragraph ended with an exclamation point. Can you say excited?! Haha. Anyhoo, did you feel the earthquake kanina? Wala lang, it caused such a commotion but everyone was racing through the doors not because they wanted to be safe or something, but they wanted to escape Trigonometry class. Funny in a sad sort of way. I believe Math causes far worse headaches than earthquakes do.

Off to sleep. I'm wiped out. Later, y'all.


can you feel the spirit?

On my previous post, I said I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit just yet, but I think today it did. Or maybe this week. All I know is that in my head, the countdown already began, and every inch of me is looking forward to this holiday.

They say that nothing can ever satisfy a girl the way shopping does. And I totally agree with it. Today, my tita bought me a new pair of very, very hot heels from VNC at MoA. They're pink and gold, with a ribbon on the top. It's so girly and cute! And they're on sale -- 50% off! What's not to love?! Did I mention they were oh-so-hot? I'm going to use it for the wedding I'll be attending next year and of course, for other special upcoming events (ehem, Grad Ball? Hehe). I was also able to buy the dress I've been eyeing on for months at Shapes. It looks similar to the dress Haley wore at their prom! When we went inside, I was afraid na it was out of stock already since we saw it around September pa. They only had one left -- and it fit me perfectly! Talk about lucky! It's not the pink one though, but I still loved it because it looked so dalaga and all. And to top it all off, I got a cute shirt from Zara. SUPER DUPER cute talaga! It's always nice to shop and get what you want every once in a while, isn't it? No, scratch that, it's a GREAT feeling.

The shoes up close.

Me wearing them.
Aren't they bee-yoo-ti-fool??

Did you know that there are three storms surrounding our country right now? Mina, the supertyphoon as we all know is about to hit the country in just a few hours. Lando, the previous one, has had a change in course and is going back to our country. And now a new typhoon has just formed, Nonoy (if I'm not mistaken) is about to arrive too. A part of me is happy about this because there's the possibility of the cancellation of classes and of course, I love the cold! I'd get to wear my jackets and use my cute apple green umbrella. But a part of me is also saddened and worried, especially for the people whose lives will be ruined yet again. Imagine the families who have to stay in evacuation centers for weeks with no food, no water and no electricity. Some are still recovering from the previous typhoons of last year, and now here they are again -- times three. I hope and pray that whatever happens in the next couple of weeks, everything will turn out okay.

Just a few more weeks to go and we'll be saying hello to a brand new year. 2008 is going to be a big year for me because of the following reasons:

  1. Release of the college entrance test results. We'll find out where we passed -- and where we didn't! This is all too scary.
  2. Heels. Seniors wear their heels to school starting January.
  3. Graduation Ball. Practically every senior in our school is secretly worrying about this even though they won't admit it. Haha.
  4. Graduation. Who isn't looking forward to this?! Buh-bye, black and white uniform!
  5. Last summer before college. It's the last hurrah before we go our separate ways.
  6. COLLEGE. Enough said.

Changed the layout, by the way. Obviously, inspired by my favorite drink, the Peppermint Mocha. I'm dying to have myself yet another relaxing cup. In the meantime, I shall settle for the new Del Monte Fit 'N Right, which contains L-Carnitine that burns fat! Haha. I seriously need to lose some inches. When I got so thin last summer, my jeans became loose. And now they're a little tight again, so I have to fit in them! Sigh. We always want what we can't have. LOL.

BTW, Happy birthday Ate Patty! She's going to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. One month apart pala tayo. Hehe.

Gotta go print my assignment for Music. Love to all.


of hardcore cheesiness and peppermint delights.

We all know that the best part of being masipag is knowing that all your hard work paid off. I'm so glad that my perky-school-girl mode resulted to some pretty great rewards especially for the Long Tests. I'm not really grade conscious, but who doesn't want getting good scores? I'm happy with my results so far. I'm still crossing my fingers for the rest of my other subjects, though. Waaah.

Have you seen One More Chance? I swear, it is THE movie to watch! Almost everyone I know is talking about it! I'm not a fan of local films like this one but this is one of the very few which I really loved. It's a story of two longtime lovers who drifted apart and had to deal with the aftermath of their break-up. It's quite unlike the other films of the similar genre (haha, if you call hardcore cheesy a genre!!) and it actually made me cry! YES, I WAS CRYING THE WHOLE TIME, and at one point I even wanted to jump inside the screen and change things. LOL. I know a lot of people who can relate to it.. hehe. Their poster is undeniably ridiculous though, because they look like they're posing for a deodorant or something. But other than that, it's a great watch. You should see it, it might seem tacky but so what? We all deserve the cheesy ka-kiligans from time to time! HAHA.

Funny how I had the desire the blog tonight when I cannot really think of anything except how happy I am that finally the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha is back, in all its caffeinated glory! It's my number one favorite Starbucks drink. (My former favorite drink Mocha Valencia apparently contained alcohol which means I can't legally have it again until 2009) My friends always say it tastes like toothpaste. And I always have to say, "It's mint," with matching breathy voice to let them smell the aroma of the wonderfully tingly taste. HAHA. It breaks my heart that they only offer it during the holidays because I swear I need the bliss it brings all year long! But then again, if that's the case then I'll get bored with it and it wouldn't be this exciting. Anyway, part of the reason why I'm thrilled is of course, the Starbucks Planner. I'm always itching to get my hands on one every year. I'm always excited to fill it with important dates, appointments and secret entries. LOL. Thankfully, my generous titas and parents will gladly complete the stickers for me since I only get the regular high school student allowance, and this doesn't include iced, tall, Peppermint Mocha Frappucinos (nonfat milk) in the budgeting. LOL. Hayy, I can't wait for my next PM. Whee =)

Peppermint bliss =)

Speaking of Christmas blends, are you starting to feel the holiday spirit already? Yes, the weather's getting a little chillier everyday, the malls are starting to play Christmas carols, streets have been filled with Christmas decors and hit songs have been getting their X-mas remixes, but honestly I'm not feeling it just yet. Hopefully it will hit me soon because it's one of my favorite occasions of the year! And besides, I think I've been fairly nice this year. Hmm, I wonder what I'm going to get from Santa?? =)

BTW, I'm now a confirmed Catholic. Last Saturday, 150 of the 240 seniors in our school were confirmed at the St. Andrew's Cathedral. We have been discussing it in our CLE for quite a few quarters already, since it is a very important sacrament that we were to receive. It was funny how our batch wasn't really prepared for this since we only had our practice a day before and everything else was rushed -- from the preparations to the other details. But all in all, it was succesfull. I had three godparents -- one ninang and two ninongs. And then Nica had my mom as her ninang. And all my other classmates had our classmates' parents be their godparents, so parang we're all siblings by Confirmation already. Hehe. At least, di ba. Anyway, I guess this marks my journey as a mature Christian. Hmm, where shall I begin?

Probably by being responsible and finishing my homework. Teehee.
Toodles =)



Today we had our class picture taking, a couple of weeks back we had our annual picture taking, this week we will be having our Confirmation and in a few months, we will be wearing heels and finding out which schools we got into! Senior life is so stressful, and yet exciting all the same. You always feel like you really have to do your best because you know your time in school is running out -- in a few months you'll be leaving for real. When we talk about college and how we're going to be a year from now, the issue of separation from friends always comes up. What if we passed in different schools? What if someone migrates? It's scary to just even think about not being with your friends, but that's the reality we have to face everyday from now on: our time is really limited already because by March 16 we'll be bidding everyone farewell. I know we'll be seeing each other again, but who knows how often? We'll be going our separate ways and every single time I think about this, I feel a knot in my stomach. I feel like a giant clock is tick-tocking before me, counting down the number of days until I keep my checkered uniform for good. Everyday I feel this way, all mushy and nostalgic during random moments of the day and sometimes I think maybe it's just hormones at work but no, I really think I've got a bad case of senioritis.

Which probably explains my suddenly ardent urge to study really well. Not that I've not been studying hard, but you know, I seriously want to do better. After the sem break, I really didn't want to go back to school but now it seems like this strong wave has hit me and I'm in geek mode again. I've been doing my assignments religiously (this week at least) and I'm so determined in making sure my notes are a-okay. I update my Filipino notebook every chance I get because I don't want to submit an incomplete notebook when our teacher collects it unannounced. I haven't really been feeling sleepy in any of my classes (yet, haha) and though I've been sleeping late I'm still pretty energized. What is wrong with me? All of a sudden I'm Miss-Excited-For-School all over again, just like in grade school. LOL. Haha. I hope this goes on. I mean, sure being a lazy bum is, how shall I put it -- relaxing, but doesn't it feel more gratifying when you're reaping rewards out of your hard work? IT SURE IS. Karla the Geek is back, and she comes with a fixed pair of ubercute white eyeglasses. Heehee =)

I'm all up for making the most out of this year not just because I'll be graduating in March but because I know I can really do better. I wonder if I'm the only one feeling this way though? HMM.


I'm totally loving Incubus this past few days. I've always had their songs on my iPod but the other day when it was in shuffle mode and played I Miss You, it's as if I've only heard them for the first time and just like that I'm in love with Brandon Boyd. Doesn't it make you want to be with him when he sings I Wish You Were Here? Or to meet him in outer space when you hear Stellar? As far as I know, I'm currently an Incubabe and I seriously wish I was his Southern Girl.

"I wish you were here."



I really have no idea what that means, but it's a pretty hot song and I actually like it. I'm referring to one track in Britney Spears' latest album, Blackout. I don't think it's out here in our country yet, but what can you say, I have my sources. (Haha, the joys of Limewire) I remembered what E! News reported the other day about it, saying that music critics actually gave praises for the album. They said it was probably the best record she has made so far, and predicted it to top the charts. And who was I not to check it out? So whilst everyone else is fast asleep, I'm drowning myself in some hip techno-slash-dance music, which is un-Britney yet totally familiar, in an ironic kind of way. It's honestly pretty good you know, despite her overly-processed voice, because they're the type of songs wherein you cannot NOT nod your head to the beat. And here's the rad part: She mentions The Philippines in one of her songs!!

"I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don’t matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Philippines
They still gonna put pictures of my derrière in the magazine
You want a piece of me?"

-- Piece of Me, Britney Spears
Pretty cool, huh? Haha. I swear I rewound that part a million times just to make sure she really did say 'the Philippines.' At least she doesn't go ranting about the so-called bogus reputation of our medical field. *ehem* And by the way, nice use of language, Britney. Derrière is actually a French word for butt. Haha, classy.

I still miss the old Britney though. Hit me baby one more time? HAHA. I bought her first ever album when I was in first grade. We had her concerts on DVD. I always attempted to copy her moves in I'm A Slave 4U in Grade 3. And when I was in sixth grade, I remember being totally LSS-ed on Toxic and waiting almost all day on MTV just to see the video. Total hotness which only she can deliver, I believe. I'm still secretly rooting for her, though. I really hope she makes a jaw-dropping comeback that will make everyone shut up and just forget all the mess she's put herself in.

ANYWAAAY. Enough Britney.

I'm hooked on our Wii yet again. I've been spending hours playing on that thing! And I swear, the reviews are for real -- it's totally addicting. But in a nice kind of way though. One may look crazy smashing imaginary tennis balls or boxing like mad using the Wiimote, but who cares. All the games you play require total body movement, so I guess that counts as workout? Hopefully! Haha. =)

This sembreak is so bitin. I want to relax and just not think of anything related to academics all day but a little voice inside my head keeps screaming, "Projects! Assignments!" and it's driving me nuts. I knoooow it's not due yet but I have this innate nerd in me that wants to get it done. Of course the procrastinator part always wins which is why I have been luxuriously spending my time in front of the PC or playing Wii instead. I've made an agreement with myself though: I'll find time to do them by Sunday. If I do, well, that's a deduction from my To-Do list. If I don't, I'll give up junk foods for the rest of the week (and hopefully lose weight, haha, I'm getting fatter by the minute). Either way, win-win for me. LOL.

How was your All Saint's Day, by the way? Mine was spent grave hopping. Haha. After our prayers, my tita and I decided to go "grave hopping" and look for our other relatives. I saw a couple of my classmates too, and some titas and titos. I've always looked forward to this yearly occasion because it means bonding with the family, even the departed ones. Besides, who doesn't love making candle wax figures?! HAHA. I remember making candle wax balls when I was a kid, tapos palakihan kami ng mga pinsan ko. But now, since we're all "grown up" hanggang siomai na lang na mukhang hakaw nagawa namin. It eventually became fishes though, because they put fins on it. LOL =)
Happy Birthday, Kassandra Obsum! =) We're going to her house later. Hehe. Can't wait!

Currently watching Gossip Girl episodes! =) Whee. How hot can Nate get? I really love Blair, even though they made her seem like the bad girl there. I still think I'm her sometimes. LOL =) It's bliss watching my favorite book series for real. Oh, the joys of the Internet talaga! Okay, back to watching.

Team Blair!