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everything is perfect now.

As much as I want that 11-23-06 post to stay forever, I can't because I want to blog so badly. It's ironic how I always feel like I need to write something when I don't have the luxury of having a PC at home, and feel lazy when my computer is just right there waiting for me. Oh well, I guess this makes the saying, "You always want what you can't have," so much truer.

Anyway, last Saturday we shot our video for our MTV (Math Television) project for Algeb. Our song was "Awit ng Barkada" Algeb-style. We shot at Mikka's mom's boss' house (did you get it?!) in Ayala Alabang and I swear we had fun. It was only the four of us Hopefools, and it was a blast! We wore this cute 80's-inspired outfits which were totally cute. We actually didn't have scripts or anything, on the spot lang talaga! But I think they turned out okay. A huge thanks to Tita Emily for driving us there. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't have done this project.

Speaking of projects.. we are so swamped! We have lots of projects for English: the diorama, the monologue and the soundtrack of my life. I don't get English III -- it always seemed like English was the subject we can all "breeze through" during our early years in high school, but now, the pressure is unexplainable! The lessons are new, we start taking up literature, art and music. It's weird how this subject is turning out to be so BIG. It's exciting though. At least we're over the adjective and verb phase.

Okay enough about school work.

Today I went shopping with my titas (mom's sisters), lolo and lola (mom's parents) at Glorietta and Landmark. It was fun spending time with my family! I was able to buy a new book (at PowerBooks! HEAVEN!), two magazines, a pretty cellphone strap and two shirts. How cool is that?! =) I know it may seem like I'm such a spoiled brat, but let me tell you honestly that I'm not. They always have to force me to let them buy me something because I don't want people buying expensive stuff for me. I prefer to buy things out of my own money. Honestly. =) I guess I was just raised that way, I wasn't spoiled even though I'm an only child. But what's wrong with a little pampering every once in a while? Hehe. Anyway, it made me miss my mom even more because she was usually my shopping buddy and we would always swoon over the same clothes. I hope she'll bring me back lots of swoon-worthy clothes from the States!! =) Last time she called she said there was a Fashion Mall there! WAAAH. =)

I miss my iPod so badly. I really do. I know I might be getting a new one, but every time I stare at my now dead iPod mini, I can't help but miss it. No, I don't miss it for the music it so beautifully plays in my ears because my dad did the heroic deed of transferring all my songs into a disc that I can listen to in my DVD player. I guess I miss all the fun times I had with that iPod. I remember feeling so naive when my tita brought that Mini home from the States. I didn't know about the clickwheel! HAHA. Stupid. It was only a few days later until I realized how it worked. I remember bringing it to school and hearing "oohs" and "aahs" from classmates, with matching "How does this work again?" from those who were just as naive as me then. I remember when our Year I Health teacher confiscated it because my seatmate used it without permission while I was reporting in front. I remember hugging it with all my heart when I got it back that March. I remember feeling the cold it brings to my cheeks every time I left it inside my parents' airconditioned room. I remember the first time I transferred songs to it by myself. I remember crying tears of joy after I downloaded the whole Friends With Benefits soundtrack and Peyton's Podcasts, I remember those days.. and it makes me smile because my Mini has changed my life in so many ways. It allowed me to enjoy music, to listen to new artists, to feel the words of songs (not just the music), to be in touch with myself.. it did many things to me than I could ever imagine. And as it lay there in my room, almost lifeless (its scrolls aren't working) and empty (no songs there!), it makes me want to cry a little bit because that thing helped me get through the last few years of my life. But I had to let it go. That tiny, blue, metallic mini. No matter how hard it was. And like they say, with every end comes a new beginning. Hopefully the new iPod will bring me the same comfort my Mini did, and so much more. =) ♥

And you thought I was going to end this news without One Tree Hill. You were wrong! =P I'm so surprised at the increasing number of OTH addicts in our school. I swear! Before it was only Cars, Nica and me, but now everyone is talking about it! All the group messages I receive are filled with OTH quoations, sayings or songs. I guess because I talk about it too much, maybe people started wondering how good it really is. Haha. Basta, the three of us influenced that many people I guess because everyone we know is practically asking us about OTH!! =) How cool is that?! Now everyone else is addicted, and are borrowing DVDs from me, or buying their own. SPREAD THE ADDICTION!! =) But take note though, NATHAN IS MINE!

By the way, it's the 26th today which means.. I am fifteen years and 1 month old!! Happy Monthsary to me! HAHA =)
psst, i'm so happy.


eleven, twenty-three, six. OH YEAH.

Okay so I am back, but with no permanent computer yet. I am here at a nearby net shop supposedly doing my Computer assignment about Object Oriented Programming and ended up blogging and doing some OTH "researching" instead. Haha =)

Today was a pretty big day for me, and with my friends. We were sort of falling out from each other, and I remember feeling that I was losing touch with my friends. But today, something happened. We realized how important we really are to each other. I wouldn't want to dwell so much on how it happened, but I'm glad it did. We needed that so much. And now, I have this very good feeling that things are really going to be okay. Hopefooly. =) Love you, Hopefools. ♥

The other day we had a school promotion in our school. College of St. Benilde, La Salle and St. Paul University Manila came and gave us ideas on what path we would lead in college. And a part of me still wants to believe that it's too far away. It isn't something I have to worry about yet. But the truth is, it is just around the corner. And it really excites me, but it scares me too. This is such a crucial year in our lives -- we'd have to think about our careers already. At 15 years old, I have to decide about what I'd be for the rest of my life! My course in college will lead me to my career, my work. And it's sooo scary!! WAAAAH! =) I hope I'm not the only one freaked out about this.

I hate blogging at this net shop. I can't blog peacefully! I think the kid beside me is reading what I'm righting. And some other group of boys are singing that Boom Tarat Tarat song that drives me nuts. ARGH. I hate that song.

In one week, my mom and dad will be coming back home! =) It's hard when your parents are practically on the other side of the world and I can't get a hold of them. I wanted to call my mom so badly about the school promotion, but I couldn't since it was early morning in Nevada. Oh well. At least I get to spend some bonding time with my grandparents and tita =)

We'll be shooting for our MTV (Math TV) music video on Saturday. EXCITED na ko! =P

I'm falling even more in love with Nathan Scott. With the happiness and bliss he brought me today, I can't imagine life without him. HEHE =)

I LOVE THIS DAY. 11-23-06. My three favorite numbers. HAAAY =) Bliss.

psst ♥

"Flying along, and I
Feel like I don't belong and I,
Can't tell right from the wrong, why,
Have I been here so long

In a city of devils we live
A city of devils we live."

-- City of Devils by Yellowcard


oth is my drug. it's my therapy.

Have I mentioned that lately?

Things have been not so good for me these past few days. Lots of things have been happening -- confusion, doubts, resurrection of the past. And yes, though I have been good with my usual Barbie face (aka happy smiling face) it is really hard to mask the sadness. I needed something to make me feel okay, to let me know that things are going to be alright.

Guess what? One Tree Hill healed my wounds.

Okay, so maybe not completely healed them. But maybe licked them a little bit, and now I feel so much better. It's ironic how I find strength in a TV show, something that isn't even real, something that is only seen on screen and will probably never happen in my life. It's funny how I the characters in the show make me go on with life, when they're just acting and pretending to be those strong people on the show. It's weird how I can relate so much to the show when it's so different -- the culture, the people, the situation. I'm not a perky brokenhearted cheerleader, or a tormented artist or a wife of the hottest basketball player in school, I wasn't a child out of wedlock, my dad isn't the mayor of our town.. and yet, I feel connected to them. Somehow, when I watch OTH, I feel so much better.

Though I think all that I said above sounds pretty insane. Haha.

I swear I am so blissed out.

How can I not love these two?
I know my layout is so Brucas, but nothing can beat Naley.

The exams were okay. Everything I studied for appeared on the test, and I (hopefully) answered all of them. Crossing all my fingers! I really, really want to do good again this quarter because a.) I want my parents to be really proud of me. b.) I want to be proud of me. and c.) I want to get into UP. Really. Since the third year grades are the ones submitted to colleges, I have to really do my best so that I can get into my dream school. =)

Speaking of the future..

My lola went to the Career Talk seminar to get the results of my career test. And she was laughing her head off when my highest was Clerical. Meaning doing office stuff like answering phones, receiving letters, the whole enchilada. Growing up, I loved going to my mom's office and making kalikot to all her stuff. So I guess that explains the result. Anyway, second highest was Communication which isn't really surprising. I actually thought that will be my first. And third was Skilled Arts. HAHA. Then my top three courses were: Accountancy (sooo meant to be! My mom would be so happy! Hehe), Industrial Engineering (another course me and my mom like for me), and last is Business Management. Or is it Psychology? I forgot. Anyway, the results were good! I'm happy! At least now I have a clearer path ahead of me. One more year, and I'm off to college! CAN'T WAIT.

I'm actually feeling Peyton-y right now because I'm at Netopia and using the webcam. Haha. I'm talking to my best friend (aka the Lucas in my Haley life) Rex, and yes I think he's laughing his head off right now. What, with all the facial expressions I make even when I'm only typing?! HAHA.

WOW this is quite long already. I missed blogging so much, I forgot the time! Hehe. Well I guess I should be going, seeing that I still have to surf other sites and squeeze some bloghopping in my limited net time. It feels great to be back in the blogging world again, typing my life away. HAHA. I promise I'll blog this week because I swear, one more week without the computer and I'm going to burst.




I'm here at our CAI Lab for our English class, supposedly researching for a diorama, but of course I wouldn't miss this opportunity to blog especially since our computer at home is broken. Anyway.. yesterday was our assembly and I'm thankful that my hard work paid off. It's such a great feeling to finally be able to get what I deserve -- haha. Feeling. Of course, there's always room for improvement, so I'll try my best-est for the third quarter. =)

Okay, so everyone is playing songs on their speakers. And beside me, Mikka's speakers are blasting Collide by Howie Day. Waaah. I love this song. =) The other day, I heard it on the radio, then on Scrubs (during my marathon), and on The Perfect Man (on HBO).. three times! Is this a sign? Hehe.

My mom and dad will be leaving next week for Las Vegas -- yep, for the Pacquiao-Morales game! My dad won a ticket, so they'd be leaving me home alone and they'll stay there for two weeks!! WOW. I want to go so baaaaaadly but of course, I can't because of school. My iPod is irrepairable by the way -- sad, I know. But because my parents are so proud of me because of my grades (haha!), they might buy me an iPod Nano or video! Yehey!! =D

Our Long Tests are next week already so, I really can't blog because I have to study for it. Wish us all luck! =)

Gotta go.
Love to all.


what? school on monday? NO!

I'm here blogging at my mom's office. Our computer at home, for some weird reason, died yesterday while I was in a middle of a Friendster-profile-making session. (Haha, part time job?) It's a good thing I was able to upload the picture already. Hehe =)

Anywaaay, my November 1st was great -- just great. We went to the cemetery as usual, and guess what? It rained. It's a good thing I had my neon-green umbrella with me, so I thought I was going to be okay. But the rain poured really hard and soon my tiny neon-green umbrella wasn't shielding me anymore. In fact all of us were soaking wet already! It was a good thing the family beside us had a tent, but God knows how many people tried to fit themselves inside that tent. We decided to go home already since it was late anyway and there was nothing better to do. To my (and everyone else's horror), the cemetery was flooded. See, we were on a pedestal when it rained so we didn't really notice the water going up. We had no choice but to brave the flood. I tried my best to be brave, but every time I saw or worse, felt something weird floating beside my feet I wanted to shriek! But I kept my cool, and instead just walked as if there were no unidentified floating objects in the dirty water below me. Anyway, we got home safely (thank God) and yes, call me maarte but the first thing I did was wash my feet and bathe it in alcohol. It was the yuckiest thing that happened to me, but when I look back now, it wasn't so bad. My family and I bonded (if you could call shouting together and walking side-by-side out of fear we might get lost in the crowd, bonding). Maybe it was destiny's punishment. Or maybe it was just our dead relatives' way of saying, "You weren't visiting us enough so here's what you get!" Haha. I don't think they're too mean, though. =)

Fractions speak louder than nerds. I read that line somewhere and it cracked me up. Haha =) I don't like fractions that much, though. Last night I was finishing our 30-item Algebra assignment on quadratic equations and I hated the fact that problems with fractions took a longer time to solve but appeared to have simpler and shorter answer. Great, I really am a Nerd with a capital N.

I've been on a Scrubs marathon for the past few days now. I. Love. JD. Dorian. He seriously cracks me up. Actually, watching the show made me think about being a doctor someday for about -- a minute. Haha. I really don't want any blood or poking or science in my future career. =)

Ate Patty tagged me and now I'll be writing 9 weird things about me. Then I'll tag other people too! =) This is going to be hard since I have 1000+ weird things about me, but I'll try my best to narrow it down to the Top 9. Haha. =) Here it goes:
  1. I always try to find a way to spell my name in scientific calculators. This is something I cannot help doing. When I get my hands off a scientific calculator, I'll try and try to find characters that will eventually form the word Karla, though of course I don't always succeed.
  2. I have this tendency to stop whatever I'm doing and stare when I see smooth and white underarms. Let's face it, who doesn't want those underarms?! And yes, I know sometimes they're Photoshopped to make them appear smoother on TV but when I see those underarms in person -- WHOA.
  3. When I wear my shades at home, I pretend I'm a Hollywood superstar. I talk to myself in the mirror in a snooty Paris-Hilton voice, "That's hot!" afterwhich I'll decide if I will take pictures of myself or just sleep.
  4. When I like something, I really like something. Take One Tree Hill for instance. I researched about it like crazy, and the next thing you know I'm an owner of at least two sets of OTH dvds and a Mrs. Scott wannabe. Yeah, I know. =)
  5. I like ube as in halaya but I hate ube ice cream. It tastes different to me! Really.
  6. I like Joel and Hilary together. I know, I'm not a Hilary fan and not a huge GC fan either, but when I look at them together, I feel okay. They look so sweet. Like the good girl "tamed" the bad guy. (Maybe this is because of the Nathan-Haley story.. haha)
  7. I laugh with no reason. One time, during swimming practice, I laughed while swimming AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHY! Tragic, I know. Haha.
  8. When things aren't going my way, I imagine I'm in a soap opera and something really dramatic will happen. Like someone will come out with a gun, or I'll slap someone, or I'll be confronted by my long-lost sister. I don't know why, but it somehow makes me feel better. =)
  9. I like doodling on scratch papers. Be it a quiz or test, I can't seem to think well if I don't doodle my name or song lyrics or anything I want to write down on paper. Trust me, a Karla-written scratch paper with no emo things written on it does not exist.

I tag Janine, Pot, Cathe, Andrea, Pauline, Dootzey, Larissa, Lark and Donya Quixote.

gotta love them.