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Slow dancing in outer space

From my absolute favorite scene in WALL-E. When Eve and WALL-E begin chasing each other in outer space - it was such a breathtaking, beautiful scene - it literally brought me to tears the first time I saw it. It was touching in its innocence; it was poignant in its simplicity.

How true, there is love to be found in the most unadorned, unguarded of moments. When you find someone whose wavelength matches with yours, it does not matter where or how your dance begins. You just realize you're suddenly caught up with the music; you have no choice but to let it take you for a ride. And when you find yourself in the middle of such frolic, who are you to deny what the universe has given you? You just sway and dance along, and let the happiness engulf you.


November 12th

To my bravest, greatest love: happy anniversary. :)