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what the hell?!

I have been excited about this day ever since I knew this day would be THE day.

Haha, anlabo. Basta, I was expecting it and I am really excited about it and guess what they did?! They moved it a day LATER. Yes, they moved the opening of classes from JUNE 6 to JUNE 7! Argh! Do they know how much agony I am going to suffer because of this? I have set my body clock to only one week of freedom, and yet they're going to MOVE it? Do you know how hard it's going to be for my body clock to adjust?? Okay it's not really all about the body clock. Oooohhhh.. why do they have to move? Mabibitin lang ako. One day later means one day lacking in a week which means a probable Saturday class or one day late than the supposed-to-be closing of classes in March. It's a big thing, you know?!

Okay I'm exaggerating but let's face it, I want to go to school on June 6 so I'm really disappointed.

I am here in my mom's office blogging. It's much more exciting blogging here than at home because here I use a real keyboard [unlike at home, we use a laptop kasi] so you can really here the noisy keys as you type. Haha. And I can use IE here unlike at home I use Netscape because our IE freezes up after 10 minutes of usage. :( Plus what I like about staying at mom's office is that it's airconditioned so I won't feel an insy-witsy bit hot. Hah! :)

Friendster disabled HTML! And I was so excited about putting up my Constantine gif! Argh. Or even a little picture of a coffee cup to match my profile. I hate it. Oh well. The pink look is okay pa rin naman eh. :)

Before I said to myself, if I stumble on a hobby that I suddenly like so much and I become good at, I'll try making it a sideline. You know, not really a business but something I could do when I need extra money. And now I've found two of them: crafts-making and webdesign. By craftsmaking I mean the butterfly brooches and earrings I make (remember? Check out my Multiply for the pics). I make them usually every Holy Week when my tita who has all the supplies brings them to our house in Batangas. It's really just meant to be for friends but then I made so many that I was thinking of selling them already. Webdesigning naman, well I'm not a pro and you could tell the layouts I make are very simple but I could tell that people like it naman. "Simplicity is a virtue" kasi is my motto. And whenever I do these hobbies, I really enjoy doing it, and I pour myself into it. It's like everything around me is a blur, except for me and what I do. Kinda like what I feel when I play the piano. I'm serious about it. That's enough reason for me to think about making it a sideline. Of course I probably wouldn't do it now as in now, but soon. I really like to try this. But the ironic thing about this is that, these hobbies are related to art which I really am no good at -- drawing, painting and all. Tapos may mga kinalaman pala sa creativity tong mga to. Haha. Oh well, I'll still think this thing over.

I feel sad about how Gossip Girl 2 is turning out. Blair and Nate break up! (Not officially but hey, Nate is two-timing Blair so a breakout is in the runs) And now I have to know what comes next! I have to buy the next installment.. probably after the first periodic test because I'll probably have enough money by then. :)

Yipee Monday night means Monday Night Laughs on Star World. Hay, life is still good.
Sorry mejo sabog yung post.



you know you love me

Haha wala lang, don't mind the title. It's just because I bought myself the second installment to the book series Gossip Girl, "You Know You Love Me". Aside from Shopaholic, this is another favorite because it's so catchy, and just like what the critics have said, it has the effect of gossip itself. It's not for kids of all ages though, maybe for teenagers only, but it really is a nice book series. It's kind of expensive but it's worth the price. :)

Yesterday's recital was GOOD! So far it was the best recital I had. I was the last pianist which made me extra nervous but nevertheless I felt fine. The other pianists were good too, in fact some of the pieces of the new students were the pieces of my cousins the past years. Although I do not have my kuyas and Tintin with me this year, it was still fine. It was held at Bloomfield Academy in BF Resort and there were also voice students. I wouldn't wanna comment on the voice students anymore since I might laugh.. you know what I mean. I'm not evil, it's just that.. basta. :) My performance turned out really well compared to the rehearsal last Friday. I really thought I'll stumble and my mind would go blank just like what happened during the rehearsal. I was kind of pressured since one of my pieces, Fur Elise, was my mom's piece when she was younger too, so I didn't want to disappoint her by playing it really crappy. And also, my grandma was a pianist, so you could just imagine the horror if I mess up. After that, they gave the participants special awards, and the directress of Bloomfield told me that I was the "model" pianist. I was kinda flattered since I really didn't expect myself to be the best but the fact that someone remarked that, it makes me really happy about my performance. All in all, it was really great. I'll try posting pics if i can soon. =]

Haay.. this is it only a week ahead and we really are going back to school! I'm feeling mixed emotions here! I don't know how I'm going to handle all this excitement.. waaaah! Maybe I'll just scream it all out. Well it means less blogginf hours or days, but don't worry I'll try my best to update, update and update! I can't stand the feeling of not being able to blog. ;p

By the way, I already installed a commenting system, though I'm not sure if it's the HaloScan or the Blogger commenting that works. I think it's the latter. :) Thanks again to my "regular" visitor, Ate Michi! *mwaaaaaaaaah*



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buh-bice.. we're going under(wood)! :p

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Oh yeah! Carrie Underwood is the new American Idol! Although Constantine's elimination really, really broke my heart, at least somebody else who I think deserves the spot won. Finally! And yes, Simon was right, she really has proved herself worthy of the title. I'm so happy for her! I just wish she'll be very successful unlike the past winners [except for Kelly] because I know she's really a twist to the music scene. I mean, it's not everyday that we hear country music that to some may sound boring but becomes really exciting everytime we hear Carrie's voice. Congratulations Carrie! And to Bo too! You two have proven yourselves worthy to be America's idols. But Constantine really rocked a while ago! He captured my heart again.. especially in the "Simon scandal" [spoiler! :p]. He makes me love him more and more and more and more.. haaay. My other idol is none other than the man of the show Ryan Seacrest! Ayeeyeeyee! Man, he is soo HOT. Two hot guys in one cool show.. what more could you ask for? I'll surely miss Papa Constantine and Papa Ryan! Waaahh. :( Well actually I'm gonna miss all of them.. haaayy. This is definitely the best season of AI. Oh wait, it's not actually through yet. There's still America's Worst Auditions [I think. That's what I heard on the radio] tomorrow. I still have to watch out for that. :) People who haven't seen the Finale yet, you know who the winner is. Hehe. :p Anyway, it's not too late, you can still catch it on Star World (8:00pm) and on ABC5 (10:00).

I am so nervous. Tomorrow is our rehearsal for the recital and I'm getting shivers! It's not my first time, it's actually my third but it never fails to get me. What if I mess up? Nyay. I just wish everything goes well tomorrow. And on Saturday of course. By the way, thanks to all who are tagging, special mention to Ate Michi [Paulie power! :p]. I'll try putting up a comment box but for the meantime, thanks for taking the time to sign my tag-board. =] And also, thanks to the 3 people who voted for me at PinoyBlogger. Whoever you guys are, it really means a lot to me. Thank you. :p

What is it with the Fairly Odd Parents that makes me really hooked up with it?! These past few days I've been yearning for Wanda, Cosmo and Timmy more and more! Maybe it's because I really want to have my own set of fairy godparents [feeling Cinderella! :p].. hehe. But I honestly think it's because I think a lot like Timmy. I wish to have lots of things, get what I want, do what I want to do. I want to have everything, and unlike Timmy, I don't get it. But seeing Timmy suffer his own consequences makes me think about what my wishes are. Sometimes they seem so selfish, things that would benefit only me. Cartoons these days make me think a lot [which is why I prefer watching it than lame local shows] and good for me. At least I could get away from casualties when I see what would happen if I wished for that! I love Fairly Odd Parents! =]

rock on. \m/


Spicy Karla? naaahh. ;p

I had my vaccine shots [note -- shotS] on both my arms. Anti-flu and anti-pneumonia vaccines to be exact. Now I feel like I've battled with Manny Pacquiao because my arms are starting to feel heavy and painful. You're probably thinking what the hell am I doing in front of the PC blogging when I should be resting. I can't help it, the laptop was calling on to me like a stray dog in a forest, like a lost child in a mall, and somehow I managed to stand up and open it. So here I am, holding back my tears [and probably screams :p] and typing nonsense. Haha.

I just watched American Idol and I must admit, this is so far the best Top 2 in all the American idol singers. They both have amazing voices and have their own signature styles. I believe that choosing this season's Idol would not be based on talent [because they both are great singers] but by preference [as what Delamar said ;p]. A choice between a young and gutsy country singer or a hard-rocker. I admit that I don't personally like Bo that much but I think he's really a tough one to match, mainly because he has this thirst for stardom -- something that I think is what you need on your way to Tinseltown. And Carrie -- whoa. She's not your regular tweetums-pop type of girl. She can sing anything, from country to rock to disco.. and she's got personality: mysterious but daring. Whoever wins this season would certainly deserve it. May the best man person win. :)

I was watching TV Patrol last night when I heard the news that SpicyParis[Carl's Jr.'s website for the sexy Paris commercial] has crashed because of the huge amount of hits. I admit, I think Paris is really pretty and if I were to choose between her and Nicole, I'd pick her big time but to make a website just to show-off how "hot" she is, don't you think that's kinda weird? And is that burger even half as good as how it looks like in the commercial? Well I guess it would look really stupid but if the girl washing the car was Paris Hilton, no doubt people would go gaga over it. I bet it would be the largest selling burger in America. And to think any gutsy lady could do that. But no, because Paris did it, it's not normal. For them, it's sexy. This world is definitely a world of Paris-ians. [haha :p]This is what happens when your parents own a famous hotel chain in Las Vegas and earn millions a month week. *sigh* I wish I was an heiress too. *wink*

Our country is definitely going down the tubes. I wish I could stand up and say something. Not that I know how to run a country, but sometimes, I feel like the people up there are not even thinking wisely. Do you agree with me people? I mean come on! Using other people's money for their personal uses? Shame on them. Is that what their parents taught them? Is that what their schools taught them? And what, they come from decent schools and rich families.. and not an itsy bit of decency I can find in them. And not only the politicians, even the people. Small mistake -- reklamo. Small appeal -- reklamo. All they can do is complain. No offense, I'm a reklamadora too, but sometimes when you don't know what you're talking about you just have to know when to stop. That's what my mom tells me. Look at the MMDA issue. I think what Bayani Fernando is doing is right and correct. It might offend some people but it is what's needed to make this country right. The pink fences? Why aren't they looking at the road anyway? The overpasses with no covers? Why are they sleeping under it anyway? It's not about being kind, it's about ENFORCING DISCIPLINE. Eh kung puro bait na lang edi wala na tayong napuntahan. You can't always get what you want in this world. You can't always be treated nicely. Tapos, nag-rarally sila about how the people are "suffering" from all the MMDA projects. Well if they think about it, sacrificing for a while will actually end the real suffering sooner or later. And look at the celebrities who are not paying their taxes. So what if you're a big-time wage earner and a people-magnet, does that mean that you can't give your share to the country? And to think that people actually idolize them. They're actually law-breakers. Isn't it ironic that they tell their fans, "I'm doing this for you, my fellow Filipinos.. blah, blah, blah" but they don't pay their debts to the country they are "serving"? So-called role models. I actually like what the BIR is doing. They're not ruining careers, they're just telling these people to pay what is asked of them. It might hurt them yes, but it hurts the country too, every time they miss a single centavo.

Quote from Mean Girls: "There are two kinds of evil people, people who do evil stuff, and people who do evil stuff and do nothing about it."

If that's the case, everybody's evil. If law-enforcers don't tell these celebrities to pay, don't clean the sidewalks, don't arrest people who pirate music and movies, then they become evil too because kinukonsinte nila yung mga taong gumagawa ng offenses. At the same time, the politicians do evil too, when they steal money and cheat the people. I'm not aiming at someone or somebody, all I'm saying is that as a 13-year-old kid, I see a lot of stuff around our country that seem so immature and yet become the waterloo of our country. I wish, how I wish, people would just cooperate and maybe things would go just fine. Maybe if the people wouldn't complain too much, the politicians will serve them whole-heartedly. Maybe if the politicians don't steal, the people would actually trust them. Maybe if celebrities pay their taxes, they wouldn't be publicly humiliated. Maybe if the people would just follow the law, everything would be at peace. *sigh*

Vote Karla for President! Nyaha.. Spicy Karla na lang, at least I'd have a song written for me about how much they love me. *evil laugh* Just kidding. ;p

P.S. Don't you think the guitar pic rocks?! What other flag could look better on a guitar than ours? ;p Whatever happens I'm still proud to be a Filipino. :)

paalam. =]


Star (Wars) talk

NOTE: People who haven't seen Star Wars, do not read! But if you want to, bahala kayo. :)

In a galaxy far, far away.. where Bombastarr lives and conquers *wink*

We watched Star Wars yesterday at Market! Market! and I must say I was greatly disturbed by how the story ended. Not because it was dull or boring.. but because it was so good and so beautifully made that I can't help thinking about it. The story was very well-written. I actually feel like crying in the middle of the movie because it was so sad [for me at least]. It was not meant to be "dramatic" but when you think about the story, it will sound depressing. Anakin [later Darth Vader] didn't really want to be bad right? He just did it for the name of love. And it was his love for Padme that pushed him to join the dark side. It was a story of conscience. He felt so betrayed by the Jedis, but he knew that Obi Wan trusts him. The Chancellor is an evil dictator but he seems so powerful that he was blinded with that power -- the power to keep the ones you love alive. In the end, I think he was a little regretful of his decision because he found out that his anger killed Padme. It was really depressing for me. *sigh* Darth Vader did not really want to be evil, he just wants to save Padme. Isn't it sad? His strong love was the reason of his failure. Yoda was right. You must learn to let go of the things you are afraid to lose. It is hard but you must. And because Anakin didn't listen, he must suffer his own consequences. It's like his plan backfired, without him realizing it until the last minute. Love.. it is so complicated. [that's what the movie projected me! :p]

Hayden Christensen was HOT, HOT, HOT! I don't know about you guys but he certainly was cuter than ever! :) I like him more now. I love you, Hayden! Natalie Portman was so beautiful. No words are enough to describe how beautiful she is. She is simply glamorous. She is a perfect example of beautiful. Natalie is like a cherry on top of a yummy Hayden ice cream. Haha. Their love for each other.. whoa. I love them. :)

All in all, it was a very good movie. It makes you think, and it certainly left me something to ponder on. The cast was great and it seemed lik they have played the characters all their life.

Rating: 9.8/10 -- It was the last of the Star Wars saga. :(


checkered skirts 25 years from now.

Last night we watched "Once On This Island" at the RCBC Theater in Makati. It was sponsored by St. Paul College Manila Batch '81 who are Jubilarians this year (my Tita Karen was one of them). Mom, Tita Guada and I came along. Paulinians unite! Hehe. Bituin Escalante, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Menchu Lauchengco and Michael De Mesa were some of the main characters. The play was really nice. It proved that love could conquer the powers of rain, sickness, the earth and even death. In the end, Ti Moune the peasant and Daniel Bizou the Rich Frenchman didn't end up together because they belonged in different worlds, but their love grew and became a tree. It was so heartwarming. I rate it 8/10. :)

I always look forward to class reunions especially those of my mom and titas because they were all Paulinians like me. [but they are from St. Paul Manila]. I enjoy listening to their anecdotes about their terror teachers [who sound like predecessors of my current teachers! ;p] or their gimmicks with their friends just outside the school. And I always get surprised when they tell me that there were lots of celebrities who were Paulinians as well, even Sharon Cuneta! They told me that when they were in college, Sharon was a high school sophomore and she was always tied to the flagpole so that she would sing "Mr. DJ"! Haha, how funny. I guess that's why she transferred after a few years. :) But that doesn't mean Paulinians are mean already. I read somewhere that Paulinian graduates are known for their kindness and warmth. :) Wheeee.. proud Paulie!

I wonder.. when we reach out 25th year as high school graduates, would we look the same? Just a thought. I mean, everytime my mom sees one of her "sistahs" in high school, she always recognizes them, parang kahapon lang sila huling nagkita. But when I look at their yearbook.. siya ba yun?! Haha.. I hope I don't age much 25 years from now. :) Thinking about these things makes me excited about going back to school again. I guess I've caught the "I-miss-school" syndrome once more! My uniform is waiting for me to spill juice or spaghetti sauce on it, to accidentally write ink lines on it, to pull when we're playing rowdy games.. and to just wear proudly. 25 years from now, I wouldn't be wearing the same old uniform as an everyday outfit but I know my heart will forever do. :)

That checkered skirt has got me. :p

Okay, change topic. My papa went home from Singapore already! Yaay! :) And we'll be watching Star Wars today [oh yeah!]. But he'll be leaving again on wednesday -- this time for Vietnam for my tito's wedding. Aww. I'm gonna miss him again. And he won't be home for my recital. But that's okay, my mom's got my back anyway. But for the next few days I'll be home alone since our maid went back to her province for her vacation.. and since mom and dad are away [mom's in the office], I'm the Queen of the House! Oh yeah! I get to cook, clean and take care of the house by myself.. woohoo! :) I love being left in the house, not because I'll be having phone marathons or just laze around, but because it makes me feel responsible and grown-up. I cook my own meals, wash the dishes, clean the house.. I'm the house lady. :) Pesky cockroaches will be deadmeat. *bwahaha* :)

got this survey from Ate Gliza in Friendster:
:: Do you have a barkada?
YES! the Familia To aka Tropang Balajuyjuy!
[pa-plug ha.. www.geocities.com/familia_to -- website namin! :p]
:: How many are you in your barkada?
7 by default :)
:: All boys or all girls?
all sexy naughty and sometimes bitchy girls! :)

Who in your barkada has the nicest:

:: Hair?
nica.. hmph!
:: Forehead?
Mikka? Haha. ;)
:: Eyebrows?
:: Eyes?
Me! :)
:: Nose?
haha eto.. nica! whee. :)
:: Lips?
lahat kami kissable eh.. *nyaha*
:: Teeth?
Mikka and nica. amp!
:: Skin?
Alex.. and me? =]
:: Body(sexiest)?
Anile and mikka!
:: Legs?
Me! Heehee..
:: Feet?
Missy? ewan.
:: Hands?
Me.. haha kapal :p

Who in your barkada is the most?

:: Daring(wers the sexiest clothes)?
anile and me.. heehee
:: Demure?
:: Laitera?
Missy and hope! (sama niyo na rin ako minsan :p)
:: Helpful?
:: Smartest?
We're all smart :)
:: Loving?
Nica.. :p
:: Vain?
Me and anile since we have camphones.
:: Spoiled?
all of us! we spoil each other :)
:: Darkest?
Introducing the black side: nica, mikka and missy! *peace*
:: Whitest?
me and anile..
:: Shopaholic?
:: Fashionable?
:: Loudest?
anile and nica!
:: Quiet?
:: To do his/her hw?
we share sometimes! :) pero kapag individual homework na, we are all responsible of our own.. *wushoo* ;)
:: Inlove w/ music?
all of us.. we are all obssessed with it :p
:: Inlove w/ phone?
eenie, mini, miny, ME. :)
:: Caring?
hope and nica.. ;)
:: Secret keeper?
hmm.. para sakin? mikka and nica
:: Secret keeper-NOT!?
hay nako.. lahat kme may pagka-chuchu :)
:: Dramatic?
missy! hope!
:: Calm?
:: Carefree?
:: Computer adict?
that would have to be ME.

Who in you barkada has this talent the best?

:: Dancing?
definitely Missy.
:: Singing?
ako! kung gusto niyo umulan!!! *bwahaha*
:: Writing poems?
hindi kami mga po-wet. :)
:: Speeches?
hope.. as in yung mga dramatic speeches panalo yun! :)
:: Drawing/ painting?
with all due respect.. NICA =]
:: Writing?
me? pati hand-writing ha.. heehee
:: Eating w/o getting fat(considered a talent)?
ME and MIKKA and ANILE. :)

Who in your barkada is most likely to become a:
:: Doctor
nica.. she comes from a family of people in the medicine field eh.. *nux*
:: Lawyer?
me! and missy?
:: Actress?
ako rin.. hehe
:: Singer?
dramatic singing.. nica! haha ;)
:: CEO?
probably missy
:: Fashion designer?
:: Interior designer?
mikka.. nag-design ng house nmen yan!
:: Event planner?
:: Newscaster?
hope? bringer of the news.. sama mo na rin ako =]
:: Athlete?
definitely nica.

:: What word would best describe your barkada?
balajuyjuys! one big happy (?) family! =]
:: Do you love your barkada?
Yes.. super, super, super!
:: How long do you think your barkada will last?
our family (kuno!) will just break up when hell freezes up. o ha.. ayos yun! :) so we'll probably be friends 4ever.. *wish, wish!* [/SURVEY]

25 years from now, would the answers still be the same? [geez.. I have got to stop with this whole 25-years thing! :p]



ack.. too tired

We went to Makati and ate with my lolo and lola after class. Actually it was just me and mom who ate at Chef d'Angelo because my grandparents already had their lunch. The meal was heavy! My mom and I shared one serving of carbonara and I was so FULL! That's something I consider a fact in Italian food or pasta. It's soo heavy. I don't know about you guys, but I always feel bulky afterwards.

Anyway, I already bought my school shoes [at where else? edi, Landmark :p]! Wheeeeeeee! Gibi with a little heart on the strap. :) Hehe. I know it might look "childish" but actually, it's kinda cute. I've been eyeing on this since last school year pa but I think wala akong size before. It's so comfortable. I'm so excited! Only few more days to go.. and I'm finally be wearing my new socks, new bag, new shoes.. using my new notebooks, new books, new ballpens.. gee, I can't wait! :p

Gotta go, mag-sasaing pa ko eh. :)
PS -- thanks to PinoyBlogger and to all the visitors! :p


the early bird.. is still sleepy.

It's 7:30 or so in the morning. Most people are probably on their way to work and some are probably still in deep slumber and are walking their way to dreamland. But what am I doing? I am blogging. And I am wide awake, dressep up to go to my class in Makati. I am still supoosed to be sleeping now as my dad's driver will fetch us at 10 but when I woke up, I can't get back to sleep anymore. My dad is leaving for Singapore, just for a couple of days. I was awoken as he and my mom left. I'm not really used to having parents away since they're not overseas workers and we don't have a lot close relatives abroad. But when they do leave, I feel really lonely, even if it's just a few days. After they left, I can't seem to put myself back to dreamland [which is quite unusual]. I'm missing my Papa already. Looking on the brighter side, I hope when he comes back he'll have pasalubong. =] I remember when he last left for Shanghai last year, he brought home this pink Von Dutch cap, which wasn't very famous then. I thought it was just a fake or "pirated" cap bought at some store around the corner. Little did I know that Von Dutch was a famous brand of caps, shirts, etcetera and I was one of the first ones to have it! Haha. And even Billy Crawford has one [only his was yellow]. Then there was this trip to Japan when I was in Grade 5. He came home on my birthday! Isn't that cool? And get this, all my friends were at our house when he arrived with lots of candies, sweets, and other goodies! We were all crowded around his suitcase and we all oohed and aahed as he brought out pasalubongs. I can't wait for Saturday. :p [P.S. That cap on the picture is not my cap. But it looks just like that, only mine is checkered]

No father around means bonding time for the girls of the house: Mom and me! :) What could we be up to next? Hmm..

Tomorrow is the giving of school books! I'm sooo psyched. This is it, my first step to sophomore-hood. Haha. Just kidding. This "event" has always been one of my favorites. It makes me feel like a real grown-up and it is real proof that I am indeed moving to the next level. I'm really excited! Plus, I get to see all some of my friends and that means: catching up with each other's lives! Woohoo! Can't wait.

I am soo bored. What could I do? At least it's not very hot this time of the day. *wink, wink*


mga chekwa at intsik beho.

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Haha, I really have nothing to do. Parang kanina lang nag-blog ako eh..

My yaya and I are watching Meteor Garden and Full House reruns, and I remember the "F4 Craze". I admit, I was jologs then, naging biktima rin ako niyan. I simply go kilig every time San Cai cries and Dao Ming Si comes to comfort her. I jump from my seat every time Wa Zhe Lei [is my spelling correct?] tells his deep thoughts to San Cai. I remember, and I feel in love. Weird, noh? But I do. It feels real. Not like the Filipino telenovelas.. ugh. It sounds so impossible. But everytime Asi utters something sweet to San Cai, my heart flips. Simple lang but very heartwarming. I missed Meteor Garden [MG1 ha, not MG2, I didn't watch it].

There's also Endless Love. This one was sooo sad, and heartbreaking. Although it's quite impossible, it still makes my heart melt. It was also one of the "nakaka-iyak" shows I've ever watched. Really. [P.S. Jenny was sooo beautiful.]

Then came Lovers in Paris. I wasn't able to catch it agad, my mom did. She would watch it every night, on ABS-CBN and on the DVDs my dad bought for her. It was practically Lovers In Paris everywhere in the house, radio [there's the soundtrack], dvd player [the dvds] and on TV. Kulang na lang mag-lagay pa ng posters eh. I admit, I really do find Vivian very funny and Carlo really sweet. I love the girl-kulit-boy-sungit feel of the show. Good thing Going Bulilit has their own Lovers in Pares to make me remember the show.. =]

And last but not the least, my favorite koreanovela of all time.. Full House! Jessie and Justin really got me! It breaks my heart everytime I miss the show. I love Jessie's Carrie Bradshaw vibe and style.. and sometimes I really just want to hit Justin on the head because of his pride! Love ko talaga sila! And one thing I really like about Full House?

"Si Papa Bear ay malakas,
si Mama Bear ay maganda,
si Baby Bear ay napaka-liksi,
tingnan niyo, tingnan niyo,
and saya nila!"

What a way to please your in-laws. :) The ending of Full House was really something I was sad about. Buti na lang may rewind..

So that's it for my little Koreanovela and Taiwanovela (?) thoughts.. I may sound jologs, but hey, I'm only human, I fall for those cheesy lines too!


Shopping is another way of life.

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[Confessions of a Shopaholic] Changed layout again. And this time, I think I'm gonna put this up for a while. I really think the colors pink and orange look good together, don't you think? Well, this layout only proves that I really am a shopaholic. I think I got my shopping jeans genes from my mom's side. She and her sisters and even my lola are all mall rats and would really go even to the corners of those tiangges just to find the good buys. Greenhills, Divi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok.. they've been there. And they've raid them all. Well, now I'm joining their mall sessions and I must say I really, really love it. No girl can resist the excitement of shopping. I can't wait to finally earn my money and set aside a percentage for shopping. :p And shopping entails bonding sessions too. Like boys is to sports as girls is to shopping. I love the feeling of talking with my mom about what clothes to buy, or fitting shoes together. I love it. I just do.

I've been to this Hale forum and believe me I was shocked when I read all the people's comments about the band. We were all thinking the same way! We all thought that Hale was a foreign band, that their music was great and that their vocalist is HOT, HOT, HOT! I cannot believe how crazy I am for this band. I've only known them for 2 months or so, and yet I seem to be attached to their music. And have you seen their vocalist? I'm telling you, he raises the temperature! :p And I don't see them very often! Why is that? Because that freakin' myx got disconnected again. Yep, all subscribers of Paranaque Cable [CableLink] don't have myx. So how am I supposed to see them soar up the charts? Thank God for the radio, or else I wouldn't have discovered these fellas. Haaayy.. I love Hale. ;p

Back to shopping. Sophie Kinsella is such an excellent writer. I admit, that she got me really hooked on Becky. How? My dad gave me and my mom books for Christmas: Da Vinci Code for me and Shopaholic for Mom. But Mom was too lazy to read, and so after I finished the DVC, I decided to sneak out her book and started reading, just so I could read SOMETHING. But as I read, I can't seem to stop, so I continued, until I finally finished the book! And I bought the rest of the series! And now, here I am, waiting for the next installment. I mean, I know I don't have my credit card yet, I don't have a big-time husband, I don't work as a personal shopper but it seems like I can relate to Becky's every crave for something. It breaks my heart when she cannot have this amazing bag or this wonderful pair of shoes. It's like a connection. And no one can break a connection between shopaholics.

So there you go, shopping-filled post. Sorry if it sounds really lame at the moment. I'm really tired 'cause it took me an hour or so to finish this whole layout. Whew.

Shiyet, it's still damn hot. o_O


vanity takes over

It's not my fault that I tend to smile when I look at my face even though I'm having a break-out or a bad hair day. It's not my fault that I look at the reflection of my face as a reflex when I pass by mirrors or glass windows. It's not my fault that I grew up in a generation wherein people are so obssessed with how they look. And it's certainly not my fault that my father had to upgrade his phone and give me his old cellphone that has a camera.

I admit, I am a camera whore.

I don't know what's wrong with me. These days, I use the phone to take photos of me, in different ways and poses, in different angles and emotions. It's always been like this, and my phone has always been filled with my picture. But this time, it's quite unusual, since I can't get enough of my cam-phone. And it's not only me I take pics of. My room, food, things around the house.. and if I get tired of looking at it later on, I'll just delete it. Most of the time though, I fix my hair and then *click*. Pout a bit, and then *click*. Look up, then *click*. Smile like a star, *click*. Haha. This is what happens when you leave a girl at home on a hot summer day with a camera phone.

I understand that it is not good to be vain and be obssessed with yourself. It's not very "healthy" to think of yourself as someone more good-looking than another. But I think that this kind of "vanity" has nothing to do with being mayabang or boastful. In my [humble] opinion, it's just one fun way of spending one's time, using one's phone wisely [haha], and well, feeling good about yourself. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", right? And who will think you're the most beautiful creature in the world than yourself? Right? I don't know about you guys, but when I see my face in my camera, I seem to look more good-looking than I think I am in person. Parang, kapag nakatingin ka lang sa mirror, hindi ganun. Parang may magic. I'm telling you, kakaiba talaga. Then, kapag ayaw mo na, you can just press that little button that says "Delete" or if you love it, set it as your wallpaper. For me, these little vanity moments don't make me go around saying "Hey look at me! I look hot in this pic!" but it just makes me feel good. And I don't have to show it to anyone. It's like me and my phone's little secret [although sometimes I post it in Friendster.. hehe]. And for me, it's so much more better than just standing in front of the mirror and not being able to capture a pose that you think makes you look like a superstar.

Oh, so it rained for like, 15 seconds drips. I didn't even feel it, I didn't even hear it, I didn't even smell it! And it's hot again.

All together now, put your cellphones in front of your face and then, *click*!
Welcome to the club. :p

Thanks Ate Cosio (I already linked you!), Jeannie and Shari for dropping by!

*click* :p


oh, drat.

So it finally rained, and guess what? I think it has brought more heat than coolness. I guess it really didn't cool everything permanently. It made matters worse. But I still love the rain. Anyway, I was watching the news the other night and the PAGASA people said that since it has been very, very, very hot lately, the rain will release "singaw" [heat], which will only make the temperature hotter. It may feel a little chilly during the rain but the after-effect will be hotter than the temperature before the rain because of the said releasing of excess heat trapped in the ground, plants, etc. Well talk about bad. Another bad news is that it's NOT HEALTHY to soak under the rain anymore. I mean, I know it's always been impractical as it could lead to colds but isn't it that older people used to say that taking a bath in the first strong rain in May will make you "free from colds throughout the year" [which was true according to my grandma and my mom]? I wasn't even able to experience that yet, and now they're saying it's unhealthy? How am I supposed to enjoy the rain even more? Researchers say that the rain, before actually reaching the ground, has probably collected all the dirt in the air caused by pollution. So when you actually want to "clean" yourself from the so-called cold-free rain, it will only make you more sick because of all the dirt it contains. Ugh. It's as if the world is so dangerous nowadays. How are the kids of the future supposed to enjoy life when both heat AND rain seem to have bad effects? AAAAARGH.. I'm scorching.

I got this one from Ate Gliza's blog, posted May 10:
"tomorrow may 11, 42.2 and predicted temperature. drink lots of water and wear light clothing. heat stroke is a big possibility. from DR. ALEX AYCO - makati med"
Today is may 11. Can you believe it? It's hotter than a human's normal temperature! What is wrong with the world? [naaahh.. drama queen] It is so damn hot outside.

Yes, it is hot and I manage to keep my long locks. I myself couldn't believe that an impatient and lazy girl like me can somehow resist the urge to cut my tresses in exchange for comfort and coolness when I have practically lived 3/4 of my life with short and easy to manage hair. And it's just not that, I have thick hair [sadly, some people call it horse hair but I tell you, it is waaaay far than that! It's not that bad] which is obviously harder to fix and results to more bad hair days than good ones. But no, despite all the cons my hair might cause, I still keep my almost-waist length layered hair. They say that the hair is a person's crowning glory and I believe in that. I used to envy people with really beautiful, silky hair. So after a straightening session, my hair suddenly became longer and my Grade 6 life could never be better. But it was plain, long, straight hair and it actually looked boring. I have never really tried experimenting with my hairstyle because, well, I was too afraid to look like the "befores" in window shopping commercials. Even though it looked boring, I wanted to be safe, so I settled to the plain look. But just this school year, I don't know what forced me to do it, but with all my courage, I went to the salon and asked them to chop my hair and turn it into a layered one. At first, I couldn't believe it. I looked horrific. I couldn't leave without my headband on. My classmates teased that I looked like a "Duglet" [mini Dugongs]. It made me feel pretty bad, but I know that when the time comes, the sacrifice will pay off. And soon, I found out I was right. My hair was pretty much what I wanted it to be, long but with "umph". Not boring. And you know what? Vain as it sounds, it made me feel more confident. I mean, yeah, I was just as funny and noisy but more often than not, I can have whatever hairdo I want. Be it ponytailed, pigtailed, with a headband or just naturally down, I can have it and it certainly makes me feel really good about myself. No, it's not shiny like the ones you see in the commercial and no, it's probably not as soft and smooth like those you watch in window-shopping infomercials. But it's good enough for me. And like they say, satisfaction entails sacrifice, so yeah, I'll probably sacrifice first because I know it's worth it.

You may probably call me the biggest "reklamadora" of all because all I could ever think about today is how HOT it is and how I feel like I'm inside a huge oven. But it is hot, and I really can't take it anymore. I feel like standing in front of the fridge the whole day. I feel like soaking myself in ice. I feel like walking around naked [just kidding!!! :p]. What kind of person in the right mind wouldn't complain about this??? I hope this inferno ends before school starts. Imagine a load of homework due the next day with SCORCHINGLY hot temperature. Wow, a perfect recipe for a migraine. What if this was God's way of punishing the people and the intensity of the heat depends on how good you have been. Well I hope no one feels cooler than me.. hehe, joke. Well if that is the reason, the terrorists, kidnappers ad all criminals should be burning right now! Pre-hell training kumbaga? Oh, I'm soo bad. I must stop or I might feel hotter later. *knocks on wood*

Gotta run.. thanks to all those who visited not only this blog, but also my site and the Familia To's site.. Ate Angge and Ate Angie, I already linked you up!

had-hyu. [it's really adieu but i'm too thirsty and hot to say it the proper way. hehe. :p]


it's raining, mehn! alleluia!

Thank God for the rain. Somehow, it cools me down a bit -- literally and well, mentally. Well it's raining hard but it's still hot. Argh. Oh well, later on it will get a little chilly.

Almost a year ago, I just started my blog under the username Karlatotz and as I look back, I smile when I reread my posts. I mean, I sound a little childish and grade-schoolish, really. But now, I can say that my English has improved a lot [my mom said it and I noticed it too]. *thunder* Whoa, I am saying the truth here! :p I remember my posts about Hiram, the start of the "I-miss-school" Syndrome [happens every weekend] and all the other syndromes, how much I love rainy days.. and although my grammar and vocabulary have probably grew better and wider in the past months, I can say that I am still that girl who blogged way back in July. You see, I still blog about how much I get sick of having to stay at home and not see my friends, I still talk about how much I enjoy sitting by the computer as it rains, or how fun it was to do all sorts of stuff with my friends. And this has got me thinking -- again [I seem to never grow tired of thinking and realizing stuff on the spot. Tsk, tsk] Maybe my English is really better than last year's and maybe expressing things are quite a bit different now, but it's the same heart that pours it all out. It's the same way of thinking, only executed in a more lady-like manner. You probably will notice the difference, as I think I have been using more words and well-thought sentences for the past months but if you look closely, it's like all these just sugarcoated the real idea -- which are very simple everyday things. And I find it very amusing. To think na, I laze around in English class.. and now I realize that I've been improving pala all along! Or maybe it wasn't necessarily in English class. Maybe nahawa ako sa ibang bloggers. Whatever it is, I certainly find it really, really amusing. See how I turned this simple topic into a long paragraph? It's like magic!!! Haha. Ang otistik.

I'm eating coffee crumble ice cream. I love coffee. I remember this one article from PL way back in Grade 5, written by Ate Ces. It's entitled "Bittersweet" and it talks about that perfect blend, both pain and bliss, both heaven and hell. Then she talks about how she reminisces by making a cup of coffee.. she puts the coffee first to remember the bitter and painful memories. Then she adds sugar and milk to relive the happy and sweet times. Either way, she adds the necessary condiment to perfect that bittersweet taste. But she says, she can't always have her cup of coffee, for there must come a time that she has to let go of the memories. So far, that has been one of my favorite PL articles. [FYI, PL stands for Paulinian Link, our school publication] I'm quite surprised that the issue which contains 'Bitterswet' is still in my room [most of my issues get lost. :( I don't know why] and I catch a glimpse of it every once in a while. Maybe it's one of the things that makes me love coffee more. No other flavor can give you the best of both ends.. a bitter yet sweet taste. Sigh. Walking down to memory lane again was good.

It stopped raining. The thunder is still growling however. Why, oh why does it have to stop?! I wish it would rain even for a couple of hours everyday. It settles down things a bit. Haay. *drip, drop, drip, drop* The raindrops are still dripping from our roof.



love letters, flip flops, notebooks and needles.

My lolo and lola fetched me and my mom to have lunch together. We were supposed to eat at ATC but since we're going to pass by BF on the way there, we just decided to eat in Little Quiapo, restaurant with authentic Pinoy food. It was good. My lola was telling me that sa isang branch ng Little Quiapo daw sila nag-dadate nung lolo ko. Waaaaaahh.. sweet. Then she was also telling me na she found all my dad's love letters to my mom when they were still dating. Haha. So sweet. I want to read them and find out how corny or jologs my dad was! Kinukwento pa nga sa kin na my dad used to bring cakes in their house in Novaliches everytime he paid a visit to my mom.. tapos he would prefer to sit on the outer living room [dalawa kasi yung living room namin dun.] and just stay there.. pa-humble? Hehe. Things like that makes me squiggly. =] After that we stopped by Step-Rite, a popular shoe-chain just beside Little Quiapo. And I was able to buy this funky pair of flip-flops! I so love it. :p My mom, lola and me were all able to satisfy our feet's urge to a new home. Then we went to Sta. Rita [is it correct? the Chapel beside ATC?] to fetch my tita who was staying at her co-teacher's brother's wake. [gets?] The atmosphere was gloomy but nonetheless, meeting up with old friends and teachers were enough to make the ambience a little more comfortable. My grandparents talked to Mrs. Alcantara, my mom and aunties' English teacher and grade school, and currently the principal of the school my tita teaches in. She told me that my mom used to be very timid and shy. Haha. I cannot imagine her like that! And she was soooo thin daw. She was like a result of famine. :p [Love you, Mom!] After a few chit-chats, we finally proceeded to National Bookstore in ATC and bought my long-awaited school supplies.

Smelling the scent of crispy notebook leaves and hearing the click-clacking of ballpen covers snapping back to their place makes me feel -- jumpy. I could feel my intestines galloping inside me. At first, seeing Cattleya notebooks was like something I missed doing. But as I was stacking up papers and other supplies in our basket, it hit me. In my mind, I could hear these notebooks talking to me, "Hey girl, you're gonna be using me for the next ten months! You might love holding me now but I know you're going to be throwing me around when I become your biology notebook!" Aaaaahh. The notebook WAS right. I'm excited now but sooner or later I might curse these poor little springed ones. So what was the little voice telling me? That I should slow down? That I should not get TOO excited as I may just disappoint myself? It really got me thinking. And it also made me realize that summer is about to end -- for real. Goodbye, long hours in front of the PC! So long, sleep-eat-sleep-eat routine! Hello, crisply ironed blouse and skirt! Welcome back, late night TV marathons researches for homework! I AM really going back to school, whether I like it or not. So I decided to really make the most out of the remaining weeks left. I'd continue my Power Memory, I'd practice for my recital really well, I'd try to bring back my body in the best shape possible [hehe!] and enjoy my computer more! I am going to miss summer. *sniff*

So far, this is one of the most jam-packed summers I ever had. The school even invited me to join the Debate Congress but as much as I want to join, I cannot due to conflicts in my schedule. [nux, feeling artista! :p] But I really am enjoying it, even to the last minute. We might even go to Boracay *wish, wish!* I feel regretful sometimes, because I wish that I did exciting things like these in my past summers rather than just doze off all day. Maybe that would make me more productive for the school year. But nevertheless, I'm also glad that I didn't really enjoy my past summers because if I did, I wouldn't be able to enjoy this year's summer that much. :p

I was finally able to think of a SOMETHING. No, not new accessories [although I have new things :p] It was the experience and the excitement this summer has brought. I mean sure, I might still look the same [except for longer hair, chubbier cheeks and probably no braces :p] and I would still be perky and loud as always.. but somehow I know that I would probably be a different person. Watch out for the summer-improved Karla!!! haha.

I feel weak. I missed a tiny detail in my day. Before going home, we dropped by my pediatrician's clinic and had my flu vaccine. There was this kid before me who was crying and crying because she too was going to have a vaccine. Then her mommy said, "Tingnan mo si Ate oh, iinjection-an din siya pero di siya natatakot" and then she asked me, "Iinjection-an ka din Ate?" to which I replied "Oo. Dito oh, *pointing to my bicep*" She calmed down a little but when she saw the needle, she freaked out again. Siguro mga 10 minutes siya nag-ngangawa dun and I understood her. I remember feeling that way too. After she left, the doctor gave her a lollipop and said goodbye. Now it was my turn to sit on the bench. I'm not that scared anymore but I'm still not brave enough so I hugged the pillow and hugged my mom. My shot laster for only seconds but I knew that I probably would've cried like the little girl if my Mom wasn't there. Only one of the few things that makes my Mom truly special. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOMMY! I love you! :p

AAAAAAHH. Parang pahaba na ng pahaba ang mga post ko ha. At least my writing is getting better.. [said my mom]

tata for now. :p
"there's a blue sky waiting tomorrow, waiting tomorrow, shining and shimmering.."
-- Blue Sky by Hale.


what day is it today?! MAY 06! :p

I FINALLY HAVE MY HALE ALBUM!!! This is one of the best days ever.

After my Power Memory class, me and my Mom went to AstroVision in Glorietta to look for Hale but it's out of stock. Then we went to Landmark but hindi pa daw dumarating. *sob* Finally, we went to the store I trust the most, MusicOne in Greenbelt 4 and yes, my instincts were right, THEY DO HAVE HALE. Kung nakita niyo lang yung expression ko at kung naramdaman niyo lang yung talon ng puso ko when I saw the CD and in front was written in bold letters "Hale".. wow, it was such a great feeling. Now tell me I'm exaggerating but it is true. I bought the CD right away [i was already saving up for it kahit na hindi ko alam ang price :p] and I'm currently listening to it. Sulit yung P250 ko. Their songs are amazing and the packaging -- whoa. You'll never think it was a local band. If you want to feel what I'm feeling right now you MUST buy it. You'll never regret it. Nyaha nag-advertise ba daw. HALE, kung isa man sa inyo ay mapadpad sa blog kong ito, I LOOOOVE YOU.

Argh school's about to start and I feel both happy and sad. I'm really looking forward to going back to school and finally seeing all my friends.. but parang I'm pressured. Basta I feel something's pressuring me. I don't know if you guys feel the same way pero parang there's a feeling na when you get back to school, meron kang something. I'm not sure what that something is, basta feel ko dapat meron ka. Yung tipong, you're shimmering because of your tan or your hair's longer now or you've got curves now.. yung ganun. I know ang weird pero parang ganun di ba? Is it peer pressure? I'm not sure. And I'm not sure if I've got a something already. Aah, I know, I have one. Pero secret para surprise. [hehe] I don't know. New bag? Check. New shoes? Probably. But somehow, when I go back to school, gusto ko they will see that SOMETHING in me, pero not in a way na "Hey-look-I've-got-something-check-it-out!" way.. more of like "So-look-at-me-am-I-any-different?" kinda way.. haha. This "something" has really got me.

I think the next school year would require me to drink more coffee. I don't know. Feel ko, mas madaming mga gabi na kailangan kong mag-sunog ng kilay kaka-memorize sa mga terms tungkol sa _________ at sa _________ o kaya sa ___________. So probably, I'll stock up lots of Nescafe Iced Coffee in the pantry. Then either magdadala na lang ako sa school [yung may kasamang glass at.. do da move!] or dito sa bahay. O di ba, instant Starbucks. =] I think it would keep me sane -- r. Haha. :p

So much for pre-school jitters, I can't contain myself. I haven't even bought school supplies yet! Shiyetness. And I still don't know what my section is.. I mean, yung section na St. ____. Yun. I remember I felt the same way last year, when i was just an incoming freshman. It's a whole new world out there, I hear myself say. But now here I am, about to face my second year, and yet I feel like that jittery feeling is still there. Well maybe that's how it really is weeks before going back to school but I don't know, I can't seem to stop thinking about school.. wearing that same white blouse and checkered skirt, parading the hallways with such boisterous laughter, singing our songs along the windows.. I feel like something won't be the same. People will be leaving [yes, and it's so sad *sniff*] and new people will be coming. Somehow I know, the jittery feeling this time isn't about my nervousness of entering a whole new society but the feeling that part of my security blanket will be yanked away from me. Maybe there would be no more 'eskapo sessions' or Eating societies.. things wouldn't be the same. I admit, I don't like leaving behind something I'm already fond of.. or going through a day without something I'm already used to having. But maybe that's part of growing up. Remember that "something" I was saying a while ago? Maybe a "something" I could have is, the ability to cringe a little and then move on.. even if it's hard. I'm surely going to miss our brain-boggling Integ pop quizzes [yes, a part of me will!] or the times when teachers don't seem to mind our 'kakulitans' because "first year lang naman.." Will second year be a life of pain or bliss? And it hurts that to answer that, I have to go through it first. Oh well, few more weeks to prepare..

Enjoy the rest of the sizzling summer guys.. [shiyetness, it's an inferno!!!] And if you're having the jitters too.. well, pareho tayo! Waaaaaaaaaahh. [/EDIT]

"Hindi ko man hawak ang panahon, maging ang ikot ng buhay, basta't ikaw at ikaw parin, ikaw at ikaw pa rin." -- Kahit Pa by Hale.


AI: feud or not?

after the heartbreaking elimination of Anwar and Constantine, I lost faith in American Idol. totoo. siguro tanggap ko pa yung pagka-tanggal ni Jasmine Trias because I admit, she was a little off-key during the past few episodes but at least she got into the top 3. But what happened to Anwar and Constantine?! They were so good! And I actually thought they would be the top 2 [or top 3 including Carrie :p] Somehow, a part of me doesn't believe na hindi sila binoto ng tao. I mean, come on you guys! Is America THAT blind [or in this case, deaf]?? I don't think so. Some say their lines [specifically Constantine's] were jammed, other say they were groups who were trying to fool around and vote off the loser [which was Scott].. the stories are endless. Whether it's true or not, they are both out. Shiyetness, mehn.

okay so, I was forced to watch AI a while ago and it was down to Anthony and Scott, my not-so-favorites. I used to like Scott, in the beginning, but naging mayabang na siya and he became such a sore loser sa mga comments ni Simon, that's why I hate him. Si Anthony naman, he's cute but I don't think he's got THE voice. So yun. It was Anthony's birthday today, so I already had the feeling na it would hurt so bad if he was eliminated. Of course, kung sino man matanggal sa kanila, it's okay kasi hindi ko naman sila parehong gusto. But anyway, I still watched. And I was correct.. finally.. SCOTT SAVOL WAS ELIMINATED!!! Oh I've been waiting soooo long for this!!!

Go Carrie! Go Carrie! She's the only good one in the game. I don't like Bo: trying hard and wannabe rocker. Constantine is waaay better and waaay cuter than you are! I like Vonzell too, because she reminds me of Kelly Rowland, pero parang hindi siya masyadong favorite eh. So there. May isa pang news na Paula Abdul had a relationship with one AI contestant way back in Season 3. She would help him pick songs, choose outfits and they had a very intimate relationship daw. Hmmm.. amusing. well if that's the case, american idol really is just a ho-bag. It's losing all its credibility. And come to think of it, the past winners aren't really that popular right? [okay well you could exclude kelly since she's got a nice career going on] Si Fantasia nga, ngayon lang nagka-video.. at pangit pa niya dun. Hmph. Oh well. Buti na lang gwapo si Papa Ryan Seacrest. Siya ang American idol ko. :p

Okay enough about this AI thing. I had my piano lesson today. yaaay very good daw ako! *grins* Magrerecital ata ako eh. Di ko pa sure. Anyway, bisitahin niyo ang blog ng nanay ko.. yes mommy ko, as in yung nagsilang sa akin.. meron din siya [gayagaya kasi! joke! :p] ayun, sige dito na lang muna..


"lie down right next to me.."


i'm BACK!

yep i'm BACK balakubak!!! woohoo.. it's been SOOOO LONG. i missed my computer.

well kasi naman itong si DSL guy, he didn't fix the connection well so i ended up in misery dahil we didn't have our internet for several freakin' days! Well let me give you a low-down on what's been happening to me:

1. We watched "Can this be love" last friday [wala kasing pasok si mommy di ba? gov employee] and guess what? right after lumabas kami ng cinema, nandun sina Hero, sandara, joross and roxanne! waah. okay i'm not a HUGE fan pero cushie ko si Papa Joross. :p hehe. kaya ayun, naki-siksik kami at naki-tingin. nakakahiya nga si mommy kasi sigaw siya ng sigaw. well anyway, ako rin naman.. dahil kay joross. naalala ko tuloy si papa OJ.. hehe. o basta ayun.. ang ganda ni roxanne sa personal pero ang itim ni hero.. both in the movie and in person. ick. i rate the movie: 7/10 and meeting them in person i give it an 8. hehe.

2. we went to Clark last Saturday [yes, even though we've already been there for the LT] and i therefore conclude it's a dead city. i mean come on guys, there were a lot [and i mean a LOT] of supermarkets, shops, stores and whatnot and it's all CLOSED. yung mga bukas halos wala ring laman. it's not the kind of Clark I remember. too bad. sayang naman lahat ng mga pinag-hirapan ng mga americans dun. I mean yeah, ok rin na iniwan nila yung Clark pero I never expected na magiging ganun ka-"dead" yung place. parang it's so eerie and scary.. walang kumakain sa mga restaurant, walang bumibili sa mga stores, parang.. nakaka-awa na. and to think na it was one of the tourists spots during the height of the american stay here. tsk, tsk. btw, nakabili din me dun ng super-cute Chucks [my 3rd pair!] na super- bargain na BUT it's not fake. maybe not really original pero it's high-end naman. kaya yun. AT THE BEST PART??? habang bumibili ako ng chucks ko NAPAGKAMALAN AKONG ARTISTA NUNG TINDERA.. WOOHOO! basta bigla na lang sinabi, "di ba artista to?" and everybody looked at me. haha. tapos when i said no, sabi nung tindera, ang ganda ko daw. HEHE. :p i don't know if sinabi lang niya yun para bumili ako ng chucks or totoo. either way, na-persuade niya pa rin ako eh. hehe. so yun. so my trip to Clark wasn't really a bad deal but naaawa pa rin ako sa place na un.

2. we went swimming last Sunday in Olivarez college! shiyete pala mga mehn, it's super HUGE and super DEEP! parang olympic sized pool siya.. only it's square. and take note: IT'S A COVERED POOL. so yaaay! pwede ako makapag-babad dun for hours and i won't get tan. ALRIGHT. sobrang saya. and it's worth P80 lang ata. kaso it's open to Paranaque residents lang i think and may time lang [alam ko hanggang 4 ata].. but hey ang saya na rin nun! maybe i'll go there every week para naman may exercise ako.. hehe. kaso nakakasakit ng legs kasi as in malalim talaga and parang hindi ka makakalangoy if you don't know how to swim and/or tread. nakakatuwa nga kasi lahat ng tao nasa one side lang and they wouldn't dare go to the other side kasi sobrang layo at sobrang lalim. good thing marunong me mag-swim. hehe. :p ..to enjoy the summer better.

aion.. tinatamad pa ako mag-sulat. but anyway, i'll be writing frequently, as usual, kung di madidisconnect 'tong DSL namin.

saranghe. ehehe.